YouTuber Jake Paul Beats Fighter Nate Diaz


Jake Paul and Nate Diaz met up in a 10-round boxing battle in Dallas in a match that delivered a ton of drama for players and gamblers alike. The fight had everything from the thrilling moments in the ring to the heated exchange of words afterward.

The game was top-class and definitely delivered the desired game action. We even saw celebrities bet on the game, like Drake who posted his $250,000 bet on for Nate Diaz to win. When is Drake ever going to learn from his “Drake Curse“?! Continue reading below to learn more about what happened in the Paul vs. Diaz fight!

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul, the YouTuber turned professional boxer, is more than a social media star. Although he rose to fame on the old video app Vine with his brother Logan Paul, Jake has now ventured on many different challenges since.

Jake Paul BetrCurrently, with a professional record of 7-1 after beating Diaz, he’s proven to be a force to reckon with in the fighting world. Jake’s power and technical boxing abilities have allowed him to take on tough opponents, which has surprised many critics in the boxing world.

Interestingly, Jake Paul is also a co-founder of the micro-betting app Betr, a sensation in the gambling industry last year. Betr has also recently ventured into Fantasy Sports. With his creative video and sports history, Paul’s connection to the gambling world adds an extra layer of intrigue for fans of both boxing and betting.

Who is Nate Diaz?

Nathan Donald Diaz, the former UFC star, took on the challenge of his boxing debut against Jake Paul. Known for his grit and unorthodox fighting style, Diaz brought a face-first approach to the ring.

His hooks may have been wild at times, and he lacked the power to seriously threaten his heavily favored opponent, but his enthusiasm and warrior spirit resonated with the Texas crowd this weekend.

The Fight: Round by Round Analysis

Round 1-3: Paul Takes Control

From the get-go, Jake Paul looked in control. Round one saw Paul dancing around the ring, landing significant blows, and catching Diaz with left hooks that had him rocking. Though Diaz tried to clinch and use his weight, Paul’s precision and aggression left Diaz unsteady, and it looked ominous for him already. Diaz had moments in rounds two and three, but Paul’s uppercuts and left hooks kept him ahead.jake paul nate diaz rounds

Round 4-5: Diaz Fights Back, Paul Knocks Down

Round four saw Diaz finding his footing and piling pressure on Paul with short hooks and uppercuts. Round five, however, marked a pivotal moment when Paul smoked Diaz with a left hook, knocking him down. Diaz was down but got back on his feet, finishing the round.

Round 6-8: Fighting for Endurance

As the fight progressed, both fighters lacked stamina and determination after the first intense rounds. Diaz hoped to earn his rewards in the latter rounds, but Paul’s left hooks and right uppercuts kept him at bay. Round eight was a turning point for Diaz, as he hit Paul on the chin, but the bell ended the round before he could capitalize.

Round 9-10: The Final Countdown

The ninth round saw a shocking incident where Diaz attempted to choke Paul in a guillotine choke during a clinch, adding to the drama. Both fighters exchanged words, with Paul taunting Diaz.

In the final round, Paul’s knockdown proved to be the crucial difference as the fight went to a unanimous decision.

Results and Reaction

Jake Paul beat Nate Diaz with a unanimous decision, scoring 97-92, 98-91, 98-91, in a relatively one-sided victory. Paul’s power and technical boxing were key, and Diaz’s moments weren’t enough to overcome them.

Diaz’s reaction after the fight was frank, as he stated that Paul “can’t really fight” and criticized him for his talk. However, Paul countered, praising Diaz as a warrior and re-upping his call for a $10m rematch under MMA rules, an offer Diaz seemed open to.

Fan Brawls

The action wasn’t restricted to the ring, as multiple social media clips shows spectators brawling with each other after the fight. These wild scenes captured the intense atmosphere that was present throughout the event. Check out the video below.

Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in a 10-round boxing match, scoring a unanimous decision with 97-92, 98-91, 98-91.

Jake Paul is a co-founder of the micro-betting app Betr, which became a sensation in the gambling industry in 2022.

Key moments include Paul’s early control, Diaz fighting back in round four, Paul’s knockdown in round five, and the final unanimous decision.

Diaz stated that Paul “can’t really fight” and criticized him, but seemed open to a $10m rematch under MMA rules.

Celebrities like Drake were involved, and he even posted his $100,000 bet on for Jake Paul to win.

The intense atmosphere led to spectators brawling with each other after the fight, as captured in multiple social media clips.

Diaz brought a face-first approach with wild hooks and enthusiasm, though he lacked the power to seriously threaten his opponent.

Jake Paul’s performance was marked by power, technical boxing, and control, particularly with his uppercuts and left hooks.

During a clinch in the ninth round, Diaz attempted to choke Paul in a guillotine choke, adding drama to the fight.

Jake Paul started as a YouTuber and rose to fame on Vine. He has ventured into various challenges, leading to his professional boxing career with a 7-1 record.

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