What Is iGaming?


igaming online gambling usaHave you ever wondered what iGaming is?

This in-depth article will outline the meaning of iGaming in the US, also known as iCasino, by exploring its legal developments and economic impacts that have shaped its growth.

From the inception of legalized online gambling to the current state, we’ll lay out the basics of iGaming and its significance in the American gambling world.

What Is iGaming in the US?

The term iGaming stands for “internet gaming” or online gambling, involving real money investments.

It covers various online gambling activities, such as playing online slots, poker, table games, and live dealer games.

iGaming allows players to gamble at the convenience of personal devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

This accessibility allows users to gamble anytime and from anywhere within a state where it is legally permitted.

On the other hand, traditional gambling requires physical presence at gambling establishments like land-based casinos. This limits participation to specific locations and during operational hours.

History of iGaming in the US

US gambling sitesThe history of iGaming in the United States includes a series of legislative changes, technological progress, and increasing public acceptance.

Moreover, these developments have led to notable milestones that have defined the present state of online gambling throughout the nation.

Let’s look at the timeline of iGaming in the US:

  • 1994: The Free Trade & Processing Act in Antigua and Barbuda passed, allowing licenses to be granted to organizations looking to open online casinos.
  • 1990: The first online casinos were introduced to U.S. players. Despite limited technology and connectivity, these platforms began to gain popularity.
  • 2006: The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was enacted, targeting the financial transactions linked to online gambling. This law effectively banned online gambling in the U.S. by restricting the use of payment systems for illegal online gambling.
  • 2011: A pivotal change occurred when the Department of Justice (DOJ) reinterpreted the Wire Act (1961), deciding that it applies only to sports betting. This reinterpretation opened the door for states to legalize other forms of online gambling.
  • 2012: Delaware became the first state to legalize online gambling, with online casinos opening the following year.
  • 2013: New Jersey followed Delaware, legalizing online gambling, and by the end of 2013, several online casino and poker sites were operational in the state.
  • 2013: Nevada, having already legalized online poker in 2011, launched its first legal online poker site in 2013.
  • 2017-2018: Pennsylvania legalized online gambling, and Michigan also began to push forward with legislation.
  • 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic significantly boosted online gambling activity as brick-and-mortar casinos closed or operated at reduced capacity. Many states accelerated their legislative efforts to legalize iGaming as a new revenue source.
  • 2021: Michigan, Connecticut, and West Virginia joined other states by launching online casinos and mobile sports betting apps.
  • 2024: Rhode Island launches iGaming, becoming the seventh state to legalize online casinos.
  • Ongoing: States like New York, California, and Florida are in various stages of legislative debate regarding the legalization of online gambling.

iGaming in the US 2024

mobile icasino phoneCurrently, only seven states in the U.S. offer legalized online casinos. These states are:

Each state regulates its online gambling offerings through state gaming commissions or similar regulatory bodies, ensuring the security, fairness, and integrity of the games.

These regulations also address responsible gambling measures and the protection of players’ funds.

Moreover, online casino operators provide a wide range of gambling options for residents and visitors in the seven states.

They offer a variety of online casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and other popular casino games.

The leading online casino operators in the US include well-known names, such as BetMGM, Borgata, Caesars, Mohegan Sun, Resorts, Wheel of Fortune, PokerStars, bet365, PlayStar, PartyCasino, Betway, Virgin, BetRivers, FanDuel, and Golden Nugget.

The seven states where online casinos are legal, as well as Nevada, have also legalized online poker.

Additionally, some of these states participate in inter-state compacts that allow them to share player pools, improving the gaming experience by providing more options and bigger tournaments.

iGaming in Virtual Reality (VR)

As virtual reality (VR) technology advances, online gambling has evolved from passive interactions to a vibrant, interactive environment where players are actively involved in casino action.

VR casinos are revolutionizing the online gambling experience, providing players with an immersive adventure that merges the digital and the real world.

This innovative approach to gambling merges the excitement of live casinos with the convenience of online platforms.

Also, it delivers a great blend of excitement and accessibility to the gambling community in the US.

In VR casinos, players can navigate through virtual casino floors, engage with games directly, and socialize with other players in real-time.

Economic Impact of iGaming in the US

The iGaming industry in the US has seen notable increases in revenue.


For example, states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which have developed online gambling markets, have reported annual revenues in the billions of dollars.

Due to an expanding user base and the introduction of new gaming technologies, it represents a significant increase from earlier years.

Only seven US states have currently legalized iGaming, but many more are considering legislation.

This expansion broadens the market and potentially increases nationwide revenue from online gambling.

Moreover, iGaming has become an important source of tax revenue for states where it’s legal.

These funds are often allocated to public sectors such as education, infrastructure, and social services.

Also, the iGaming sector has created thousands of jobs directly related to the operation and management of online platforms.

That includes software developers, security specialists, customer service representatives, and regulatory compliance officers.


Responsible Gambling

NCPG helpline problem gamblingAlways view gambling as entertainment, not a way to make money. Regardless of strategy, there are no guarantees of winning.

It’s important to gamble responsibly by setting and sticking to a budget and only betting money one can afford to lose.

Here at OnlineGamblers.com, we aim to prevent gambling issues by educating players on safe gambling practices.

Safe Gambling Tips

  • Spend Wisely: Only use money you are prepared to lose for gambling.
  • Set Limits: Establish clear limits on the amount of money and time you dedicate to gambling.
  • Avoid Chasing Losses: Never try to recover losses by gambling more.
  • Entertainment Only: You should consider gambling as entertainment, not a financial solution.

If you feel overwhelmed by your gambling activities, you can contact the National Problem Gambling Hotline for support at 1-800-522-4700.

You can also text the number 1-800-522-4700 or enter the website chat here.

If you want to learn more about online casinos and sports gambling, follow our Online Gamblers Academy!

iGaming in the US refers to online gambling activities like slots, poker, and table games, legally conducted over the internet within approved states.

iGaming in the US started with legislative changes and technological advancements, notably with Antigua and Barbuda’s 1994 Act allowing online casino licenses.

No, online gambling is only legal in specific states such as Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Rhode Island.

iGaming offers convenience and accessibility, allowing players to gamble from home or mobile devices anytime, as opposed to being physically present in casinos.

The COVID-19 pandemic boosted iGaming due to reduced capacity at physical casinos, accelerating legislative efforts to legalize online gambling.

US online casinos offer a variety of games including slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and other popular casino games, along with live dealer games.

iGaming has significantly increased revenue, creating jobs and generating tax revenue used for public services like education and infrastructure.

Virtual reality iGaming involves immersive online casinos where players interact with games and other players in a virtual environment using VR technology.

Online gambling in the US is regulated by state gaming commissions or similar regulatory bodies ensuring game fairness, security, and player protection.

iGaming supports responsible gambling by setting betting limits, offering self-exclusion tools, and providing resources for those seeking help with gambling problems.

If you feel overwhelmed by your gambling activities, you can contact the National Problem Gambling Hotline for support at 1-800-522-4700.

You can also text the number 1-800-522-4700 or enter the website chat here.

Gita Puikevica-Puikevska is a dedicated content creator based in Riga, Latvia. Her degree in technical translation and passion for music mirrors her creative approach to content writing. She is committed to keeping players informed with the latest gambling-related news and insights. Gita's commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices in the United States showcases her dedication to making a positive impact in the online gambling community.

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