Ty (Tex) Twine Joins Toppem Sports As Executive Chairman


Toppem Sports has announced Ty (Tex) Twine as their new executive chairman. Online Gamblers talked exclusively with Ty to learn more about who he is and what his visions are for the sports company. Check out the interview below!Toppem sports 2023

Who is Ty Twine?

For the past two decades, Mr. Twine has been a boutique fixture in the sports, media/entertainment and finance industries who prides himself on professionalism, integrity, communication, discipline, strategy, and team development.

Ty Twine, known as “Tex,” is a renowned figure in the world of business, sports, finance, media, and entertainment. He is an 8x Exiting Founder who has raised over $300 million for a diverse collection of companies and currently has managed $700 million AUM.

He specializes in business development, capital acquisition, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions for private companies using an innovative and alternative strategy.

During his career, he has developed critical skills while serving various executive, c-suite, and board roles, including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Development Director, President, and Executive Chairman, while founding, owning, and operating over 15 companies from startup.

He is a born leader whose career path has taken him from the playing field to the boardroom, entrepreneurship, various partnerships, and deep into the vast financial universe. An outspoken believer in alternative investment vehicles, Tex leads the charge both nationally and internationally in reshaping generational wealth through sports, media, and entertainment.

His journey from elite athlete to managing general partner and soon-to-be sovereign wealth fund manager demonstrates his unique ability to think outside the box, block out the noise, develop professional teams, and win.

At home in Arizona, Mr. Twine is an avid golfer and carries a 5.5 handicap. He is also an avid fisherman who enjoys lake, river, and stream fishing.

Tex Toppem Sports

OG: Hi Ty, it’s great to have you with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to join Toppem Sports?

Tex: As the Executive Chairman of Toppem Sports, I am drawn to the company’s unique vision and its potential to redefine the intersection of sports and technology.

Toppem Sports represents a convergence of my passion for both innovation and athletics, making it an ideal platform for me to contribute my expertise and drive meaningful change.

In the future, I envision Toppem Sports becoming a leader in the sports technology space, pioneering groundbreaking solutions that enhance the fan experience, optimize athlete performance, and revolutionize sports analytics.

Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge research, and relentless innovation, Toppem Sports has the opportunity to shape the future of sports on a global scale.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Toppem Sports because I believe in the transformative power of technology to elevate the world of fantasy sports and sports betting.

From immersive fan engagement experiences to athlete-driven metaverses, Toppem Sports has the potential to unlock new opportunities and reshape the way we interact with sports.

As we continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, I am energized by the prospect of driving positive change and leaving a lasting impact on the web3 and blockchain industry.

OG: Unlike traditional fantasy games, Toppem Sports doesn’t involve drafting players or building fantasy lineups. What led to this decision, and how does it differentiate Toppem from other fantasy sports platforms?

Tex: This is a question that Thomas should answer since he is the brainchild of Toppem but he has always been a pioneer in various industries, unafraid to blaze his own path.

He has a successful background in sports wagering consultancy and simply combined this with traditional fantasy in points and created the most innovative scoring ecosystem ever in the industry, hands down.

Our ecosystem is comprised of Picks, Points, and Profits, Pick Em’ tournament’s and targets multiple audiences with the ability to scale globally by creating gaming concepts that relate to our ecosystem.

Do you see this anywhere else, or do you see fantasy brands burning through loads of cash to create game concepts on top of a scoring system to match the concept? Which is more viable and sustainable in the end? This is why Toppem Sports really is Better Than The Rest and we will show up and show out when timing permits.

OG: Online Gamblers stand for safe and responsible gambling. How does Toppem Sports involve responsible gambling practices in the product?

Tex: Thomas has followed blockchain technology and cryptocurrency since 2014. He has a fantastic grasp of what is to come in the future and the power of distributed ledger. We will leverage the best of this cutting-edge technology to provide users the most seamless, authentic, and transparent fantasy sports experience there has ever been.

As of now, we are not a gambling platform, as no bets are ever placed, but we have an eye on the Peer vs Peer marketplace in the near future.

All of our tournaments will be fair, with the results and payouts transparent for everyone to see. Trust and credibility are paramount to a brand building a loyal fan base, and blockchain allows this to happen.

  Ty (Tex) Twine

Tex is a serial entrepreneur with a history of successful exits from eight startups, raising over $300 million for 15 ventures.

He’s a leader in alternative investments, reshaping wealth in sports and entertainment.

For two decades, he’s provided financial services to these industries, focusing on professionalism and integrity.

Tex’s transition from athlete to managing general partner demonstrates his ability to think creatively and build winning teams.

Now, he’s focused on building a community of investors supporting equity ownership in sports and entertainment.

Outside work, he enjoys golfing and fishing in Arizona.

OG: Toppem Sports has combined fantasy sports and sports betting into one ecosystem with its scoring system. How does this system ensure fairness and transparency while providing an engaging experience for users?

Tex: I touched on fairness and transparency, but the skill that goes into every seven Picks when participating in our tournaments and playing our version of fantasy sports via our scoring ecosystem provides fairness on its own.

It requires research and a form of handicapping because you must choose your best seven games for the day on either the Money line, Point Spread, or Total, you can’t fake this.

Anyone who is familiar with fantasy sports Pick Ems’ and sports betting or newbies who are entering the space will find our ecosystem the most engaging and rewarding due to the innovation behind it. We have the absolute best of both world’s, fantasy sports and sports betting.

OG: As someone deeply entrenched in the sports and entertainment industries, what excites you most about the future of Toppem Sports and its potential impact on these sectors?

Tex: What excites me the most about joining the Toppem Sports team is the opportunity to challenge the status quo in fantasy sports. Thomas is not afraid to be different and offer something that others are not doing.

As a sports and entertainment executive, the potential for global impact aligns with my personal goals and objectives and has led me here to help in my capacity as Executive Chairman.

OG: Thank you, Tex, for joining us and sharing your experience! We wish you and Toppem Sports the best of luck in the future.

Liga Tarasova has a history of quality assurance and leading teams in an outsourcing company. Currently, she is working remotely as an Editor in Chief for Onlinegamblers.com. She stands for fair and safe gambling for people in the USA. Not long ago, she lived in Malta, the global iGaming hub, and worked at an iGaming company offering cloud-based product and platform services to B2B partners. Liga’s passion is visual arts and interior design.

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