Twin Win Games and HITSqwad interview


Surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the bustling G2E gaming conference in Las Vegas, we had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with gaming industry leaders Tatiana Makarova from Twin Win Games and Charl Geyser from HITSqwad.

The G2E show, hosting over 25,000 visitors and 350 exhibitors, provided a dynamic backdrop for discussions that delved into the intricacies of their successful partnership and the evolving landscape of the iGaming sector.g2e interview

As Tatiana and Charl shared their reflections on the first two days of the conference, it became evident that G2E served not only as a platform for showcasing new names and products but also as a nexus for fostering collaborations.

The event was described as a crucial opportunity to meet with existing partners, like Charl, to discuss future endeavors, while also exploring potential relationships with new business partners who share a passion for advancing the gaming industry.

Continue reading more below if you want to learn about what makes HITSqwad and Twin Win Games so special, and don’t miss our video at the bottom of the article.

A G2E Conversation

Liga Tarasova: This year’s G2E show will welcome more than 25,000 visitors and 350 exhibitors. There are many new names and products on display this year. Can you please share your insights and thoughts about G2E and your conclusions after 2 days of the conference?

Tatiana: Yeah, these two days were very busy for us and I think for everyone who is coming here because this show is one of the biggest shows and it’s an opportunity for us to meet with partners like Charl and discuss future cooperation and also find new business partners who need more games with whom we can partner and help develop those games.Tatiana Makarova Twin Win Games

Charl: Being one of the biggest Gaming shows in the world, G2E is the perfect place for suppliers such as ourselves to come and display our products to a range of customers that come here from literally every continent in the world, and it offers us the perfect central meeting place for us to meet with a lot of our suppliers.
I think this is the 25th time I have attended G2E and honestly, it only ever gets better every year. We have had a great show and met with many customers and hopefully, we can convert that into some good business in the coming months.

Liga: Tell us, please, about your partnership in more detail: how long does your relationship last? What core values are the cornerstone of it?

Tatiana: The Twin Win Games and HITSqwad partnership is about creating outstanding game products. We started our partnership in 2021 with the set up of dedicated creative and technical teams for HITSqwad’s game development. Charl and Hayden are always open and honest with us, we have really succeeded in building strong relationships between our teams, and we are happy to have similar values with our other partners.

The Twin Win Games and HITSqwad partnership is about creating outstanding game products.”

Liga: Charl, do you remember your first impression of the Twin Win Games team and why you chose them as a partner for your company? What was the most important for you?

Charl: I have tried many vendors and Twin Win is a company we have worked with since day one. They have helped us grow, given us the skills we need to effectively build our product, and honestly, they have done an amazing job and are truly part of our family.

Liga: How will mobile casino games change in the near future?

Charl: The potency of mobile devices is on a constant rise, leading to the enhancement of mobile casino games with increasingly intricate features. This progress includes continuous improvements in graphics and animation quality, elevating the visual appeal and engagement level of the games. Staying current with these advancements is crucial.

The integration of cryptocurrencies holds the potential to play a substantial role in mobile iGaming, not only as a form of payment but also as in-game currencies. This development could reshape the landscape of mobile gaming transactions.g2e interview twinwingames hitsqwad

Furthermore, the array of games available on mobile casino platforms is expected to broaden further. The focus will be on fostering innovation and delivering unique gameplay experiences, ensuring a dynamic and diverse gaming environment for users.

Liga: From a global perspective, what regions or markets are showing the most promising growth in the iGaming sector, and what factors contribute to their success?

Charl: The European iGaming market has always been a major player, with countries like the United Kingdom, Malta, and Sweden establishing themselves as key hubs.

The United States is now experiencing a liberalization of online gambling laws in various states, contributing to growth. They also have a large population with a penchant for gaming, and the presence of well-established gaming companies.

Certain Asian, African, and Latin American markets are also seeing significant growth in the iGaming sector due to a rising middle class, increased smartphone penetration, and a growing interest in digital entertainment.

Factors contributing to the success of these regions typically involve a combination of regulatory frameworks that balance consumer protection and industry growth, technological infrastructure, cultural acceptance of online gaming, and economic factors such as disposable income and consumer spending habits.

”At Twin Win Games we see challenges as opportunities.”

Liga: What kind of casino games do you think will be on the rise next year? Are crash games or skill-based concepts of games influencing next slots innovation?

Charl: The product range in Online Gaming grows by the day. From Slots to Tables to Crash and Skill Games, and many more.

I think there is a place for all the different products, but Slots is still very much a leader by a long way. As to what will be the dominant games in the future, only time will tell, but I am hedging my bets on Jackpot Games for now.charl geysar

Liga: Tell me more about the Master of Magic slot game!

Charl: Master of Magic is one of our latest jackpot games and is the 3rd game in our First Strike Jackpot family. We released it a couple of weeks back and it’s already one of our most popular games to date. It is also one of our first top 50 games on a site, which is really exciting and I am hoping it’s only going to get stronger as we now release it to more customers and into more markets.

Liga: What sets your games apart from the other ones?

Charl: All our games have multiple features that include a multi-tiered jackpot feature. I think our math is strong, and our graphics done by Twin Win Games are also really incredible. As they always say, it’s the Graphics that get the players interested, and it’s the maths that keeps them there.”

Liga: What challenges do you see for your companies for next year if any?

Tatiana: Every year is definitely different than the other, the market is constantly evolving and now companies are looking not only for high-quality games but very much focused on delivery speed and costs.

At Twin Win Games we see challenges as opportunities. So we are here to tell our partners about our Product as a Service offering and find new opportunities for our business development, our growth and we are here to support companies like HITSqwad who would like to get more great products to the market, to the players, and make amazing games faster and more efficiently.

Charl: I think next year is going to be really exciting. We have just launched our Sweet 16 Blackjack game in the UK, Europe and the US with some of the world’s biggest operators and it is doing really well. We are now looking to roll out all our jackpot games into the US and Canada, so it’s going to be very exciting.

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HITSqwad: Transforming Online Gaming

HITSqwad specialises in the development of customized or ready-to-launch jackpot games tailored to various online gaming markets. HITSqwad’s HTML 5-crafted games are engineered for seamless accessibility on major devices and operating systems, prioritizing a user-friendly and lightweight gaming experience.

Utilizing a top-notch omni-channel platform, we effortlessly integrate and globally deploy games into all major regulated iGaming Markets. The robust capabilities are further strengthened through trusted partnerships with industry leaders such as Playzido, Black Cow Technology and Twin Win Games. Join us in shaping the future of online jackpots.

Twin Win Games: Crafting Gaming Excellence

At Twin Win Games, we’re the seasoned pros who bring gaming dreams to life. Their passion for gaming drives us to create unforgettable experiences, whether it’s dazzling graphics, engaging gameplay, or technical wizardry. We cater to mobile and PC platforms, covering everything from artistry to mobile expertise and online casinos. Twin Win’s experienced engineers ensure that your game shines, while their commitment to excellence means we’re dedicated to your success. Join forces with us, and let’s make your gaming vision a reality. Contact Twin Win Games today for a gaming journey like no other.

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is one of the largest gaming conferences held in Las Vegas, attracting over 25,000 visitors and 350 exhibitors. It serves as a crucial platform for showcasing new products, fostering collaborations, and discussing the latest trends in the gaming industry.

The Twin Win Games and HITSqwad partnership began in 2021, focusing on creating outstanding game products. The collaboration involves dedicated creative and technical teams, emphasizing open communication, honesty, and shared values between the teams.

According to Charl, the future of mobile casino games involves constant enhancements in graphics and animation quality. The integration of cryptocurrencies may play a substantial role in transactions, and the variety of games on mobile platforms is expected to broaden, fostering innovation and unique gameplay experiences.


The European iGaming market, the United States, and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are experiencing significant growth. Factors contributing to their success include regulatory frameworks, technological infrastructure, cultural acceptance, and economic factors such as disposable income.

HITSqwad’s games are known for tailor-made or off-the-shelf jackpot games crafted in HTML 5, offering a user-friendly experience. Twin Win Games, on the other hand, emphasizes excellence in graphics, gameplay, and technical wizardry. Both studios focus on delivering unforgettable gaming experiences.


Liga Tarasova has a history of quality assurance and leading teams in an outsourcing company. Currently, she is working remotely as an Editor in Chief for She stands for fair and safe gambling for people in the USA. Not long ago, she lived in Malta, the global iGaming hub, and worked at an iGaming company offering cloud-based product and platform services to B2B partners. Liga’s passion is visual arts and interior design.

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