The Shaquille O’Neal Las Vegas NBA Dream


Known for its glamour and ever-evolving landscape, Las Vegas seems ready now for an NBA team. Moreover, since big names like Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James are interested, it may only be a matter of time before you can hear the bounce of basketballs along the Strip.

So, if you’re an NBA fan or someone keen on seeing Las Vegas’s sports profile rise, continue reading to learn more!

Why Shaquille O’Neal Wants In On Las Vegas Basketball

Historically, talks about Las Vegas playing host to an NBA team aren’t new. The buzz began around 2016 when the T-Mobile Arena swung its doors open. Subsequently, this discussion took a more serious turn when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hinted at the prospect.

Now, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal steps into the arena with his plan. He has announced that he passionately wants to own an NBA club in Las Vegas.

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Having called Las Vegas his home for over two decades, Shaq has witnessed the city’s large growth.

Las Vegas has always been a city you knew was going to grow. You could see different casinos, various real estate projects, and different nightclubs rising,” said O’Neal, who has quite the business acumen.

Surprisingly, not many people know this, but Shaquille O’Neal did more than just play basketball and act. He used to run a hot Las Vegas bar and now has 9–10 restaurants in Sin City. He shared, “I’ve always been a part of it. I’m doing very, very well, and I want to continue to grow with Vegas.”

During the yearly charity gala for The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation, Shaq said that he would like to own a basketball team in the future. He said: “I would like to have my own group. I don’t want to partner up with nobody. I want it all for myself.”

Not Dreaming Alone of Basketball in Las Vegas Game

lebron jamesInterestingly, Shaquille O’Neal isn’t the only one who believes that introducing the NBA to Las Vegas is a golden opportunity.

Los Angeles Lakers icon LeBron James has echoed a similar sentiment about Las Vegas basketball. Prior to speaking at an exhibition game, James highlighted Las Vegas’s booming sports profile, noting the presence of the Raiders, Golden Knights, Aces, and the upcoming F1.

“Adding an NBA franchise here would just add to the momentum that’s going on in this town,” LeBron James said, emphasizing Las Vegas’s undeniable pull as a sports hub.

Presently, the Oak View Group, a renowned arena-building developer, has eyes on land south of Mandalay Bay for a potential NBA arena.

Given both Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James are in the mix, Las Vegas has some high-profile potential owners for a future basketball team.

Nevertheless, for the NBA dream to become a reality in Las Vegas, the league needs to give the green light for expansion to southern Nevada.

According to sources, the NBA will approach the expansion topic once it finalizes its television and streaming rights media deals, which run through the 2024-25 season.

The discussions began around 2016 when the T-Mobile Arena opened.

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has shown interest in owning an NBA club in Las Vegas.

Shaq has called Las Vegas his home for over two decades.

Beyond basketball, Shaquille O’Neal has run a popular bar and currently owns 9–10 restaurants in Las Vegas.

He expressed his desire to own a basketball team in the future, wishing to have full ownership without partnering up.

No, Los Angeles Lakers icon LeBron James also believes it’s a golden opportunity.

LeBron James highlighted the Raiders, Golden Knights, Aces, and the upcoming F1.

The Oak View Group, a renowned arena-building developer, is looking into this.

The NBA league needs to approve the expansion to southern Nevada.

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