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Baltimore Ravens dilemma with Lamar Jackson

One of the biggest dominoes of the NFL off season is the contract situation surrounding Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Read here!


What to Expect with Jalen Carter and the NFL Draft

Jalen Carter charged with reckless driving after a fatal car crash. What to Expect with Carter and the NFL Draft? Read here.


Why the Pro Bowl has to go?

Why the National Football League (NFL) All-Star Game, more commonly known as the Pro Bowl, has to go? Read Jake’s thoughts here!


NFL Week 13 betting tips are here!

Last week Jake went a sterling 7 for 7 in his Thanksgiving predictions! Read what he has to say about NFL Week 13 games and join the fun!


NFL 2022/2023

What is the National Football League? Super Bowl? Read here as well as NFL 2022/2023 schedule and interesting facts about NFL trophies.


09.08.2022. Daily highlights

Read about NFL season betting predictions, ESPN’s multi-year contract with on-air personality, and Daily Wager expert! Also, Play’n GO going live in New Jersey.