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NFL Week 13 Schedule, Odds, Results, and Summary

Explore NFL Week 13 with! Our guide breaks down the action-packed matchups, odds, and viewing details for each game.


The Taylor Swift Betting Effect on the NFL

Join the ‘Taylor Swift NFL Effect’! Bet safely on NFL favorites like the Chiefs and Eagles. Perfect for betting newbies!


How many Kansas City Chiefs Games have Taylor Swift attended?

Discover Taylor Swift’s 2023 appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games and how her attendance has affected Travis Kelce’s performance.


NFL Week 3 Schedule, Odds, Results, and Summary

Get the full NFL Week 3 schedule, expert insights, and the best betting operators for your state. Play responsibly and stay updated with every game!


Everything On Power Slap 5: Is Power Slap Bigger Than The NFL?

Discover UFC’s Power Slap, the trending slap-fighting sensation of 2023. Dive deep into its origins, growth, betting tips & more.


NFL 2023 Preseason Week 2 Overview

Preseason 2023 NFL Week 2 Overview: Touchdowns, Turnarounds, and Takeaways! Click here and read highlights of NFL Week 2!


New Partnership between Fanduel, YouTube, and the NFL

Discover the exciting partnership between FanDuel, YouTube, and the NFL offering unique betting experiences and premium NFL content in 2023.


NAGA Petitions for Rename of NFL Commanders back to Redskins

Explore the recent push by the Native American Guardian Association (NAGA) to rename the NFL’s Washington Commanders back to Redskins.


Aristocrat’s NFL-Themed Slot Machines

Discover Aristocrat Gaming’s revolutionary NFL-themed slot machines, merging sports action with thrilling casino play. Join the game today!


Shohei Ohtani’s Brilliance

We discuss Shohei Ohtani’s meteoric rise to being considered the best player in baseball, perhaps even the greatest of all time.


NFL Suspends Four Players after Gambling Policy Violations

The NFL has taken strict action by indefinitely suspending four players due to their involvement in gambling activities. Click here!


NFL Investigates Surge in Gambling Policy Violations

The NFL is investigating gambling policy violations following recent player suspensions, partnering with sportsbooks and more. Read more here!


Baltimore Ravens dilemma with Lamar Jackson

One of the biggest dominoes of the NFL off season is the contract situation surrounding Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Read here!


What to Expect with Jalen Carter and the NFL Draft

Jalen Carter charged with reckless driving after a fatal car crash. What to Expect with Carter and the NFL Draft? Read here.


Why the Pro Bowl has to go?

Why the National Football League (NFL) All-Star Game, more commonly known as the Pro Bowl, has to go? Read Jake’s thoughts here!


NFL 2022/2023

What is the National Football League? Super Bowl? Read here as well as NFL 2022/2023 schedule and interesting facts about NFL trophies.


09.08.2022. Daily highlights

Read about NFL season betting predictions, ESPN’s multi-year contract with on-air personality, and Daily Wager expert! Also, Play’n GO going live in New Jersey.