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New York Sports Betting Breaks Revenue Records

Explore New York’s record-breaking sports betting boom in September 2023, as online giants like DraftKings & FanDuel lead the charge.


A New Yorker Claims Her Lottery Win Just Before Expiration

Learn about the New York woman who won the CASH4LIFE Lottery 2023 just days before her ticket expired. Legal gambling made her a millionaire!


New York Shatters Sports Betting Records 2023

Discover the latest updates on New York Sports Betting 2023, its record-breaking success surpassing the $25 billion mark.


Leading success for legal betting in New York

Learn more about the first successful year of legal sports betting in New York, where $900 million from betting taxes has been contributed.


Will New York limit sports betting bonuses in 2023?

On the 20th of November, the New York Times targeted the gambling industry with an…