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PGA TOUR Supports Responsible Sports Betting Ads

Learn about PGA TOUR’s initiatives for safe, legal gambling in the USA, highlighting responsible sports betting and consumer education.


DraftKings Acquires Jackpocket for $750 Million

Discover how DraftKings’ $750M acquisition of Jackpocket could transform U.S. online gambling, enhancing options for gamblers nationwide.


NCPG And Mindway AI Partnering For Safer RG

Discover the partnership between NCPG & Mindway AI for safer gambling solutions, and learn about Mindway AI’s rise in the gambling industry.


Who Are The Recipients Of The NCPG Fall 2023 Agility Grant?

From innovative school programs to empowering communities, NCPG’s Agility Grant 2023 aims high. Learn about the Fall 2023 recipients here!


NCPG is Leading the Responsible Gambling Movement in America

Explore NCPG’s efforts to promote responsible gambling and support problem gamblers. Discover more in this interview with Keith Whyte!


NCPG Raises Problem Gambling Helpline Awareness

The National Council on Problem Gambling launched a toolkit aimed at improving resource awareness for problem gambling helplines. Read here!