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Iowa Athletes Fight for Constitutional Rights

Click here and read about Iowa athletes fight for justice – a stand against rights violations in sports betting investigation. Learn more!


LSU vs Iowa Game Set A New Record In Women’s Sports Betting

Explore the hype surrounding women’s college basketball and sports betting. Record-breaking matchups, betting, and future of women’s sports.


Montana Lottery Decides To Keep College Player Prop Bets

Learn about Montana’s decision to keep college player prop bets, defending their unique stance amid nationwide concerns. Click here for more!


Louisiana Bans College Player Prop Betting

Learn about Louisiana’s prop bet ban on college athletes, impacting gamblers and operators in LA, and aligning with NCAA’s integrity efforts.


NCAA President Proposes Nationwide Ban On College Prop Bets

Learn more about the nationwide college prop bet ban proposed by the NCAA President. and its impact on sports integrity and college athletes.


Everything About Women’s March Madness 2024

Learn about Women’s March Madness 2024, from tournament history to its schedule, odds and favorites. Click here for more details!


Ohio Bans Player-Specific Prop Bets On College Sports

Learn more about Ohio’s ban on player-specific prop bets on NCAA college sports, effective from February 2024. For more details, click here!


How to Bet on March Madness 2024

If you are new to March Madness and want to know all the event details, click here to learn everything about the odds, predictions, and more.


Assessing the Impact of March Madness on Sports Betting

OG team, Alex Dubin and Callum Broxton discussed and assessed the impact of March Madness on Sports Betting. Click here and read more!


Let’s get ready for March Madness!

Are rules for March Madness different than the NBA? Click here and find out! Read tips and pointers for the men’s basketball tournament.


What is Transfer Portal, and How does it affect College Football?

Click here to get insights on the NCAA Transfer Portal’s mission, regulations, and how it affects College Football overall.