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Apple Teams Up with DraftKings for Sports App

Read about Apple’s new sports app with DraftKings odds for sports fans in the USA, UK, and Canada: live scores, stats, safe betting & more!


DraftKings Acquires Jackpocket for $750 Million

Discover how DraftKings’ $750M acquisition of Jackpocket could transform U.S. online gambling, enhancing options for gamblers nationwide.


Barstool Announces Sports Betting Partnership With DraftKings

Check out the new betting partnership between Barstool and DraftKings. Click here to learn more about what David Portnoy has to say!


DraftKings Partners With LeBron James a.k.a. “King James”

Explore DraftKings’ exciting partnership with LeBron James, bringing unique insights to the U.S. sports betting scene. Read here!


How to Bet on Power Slap 6

Gear up for the high-octane season finale of Power Slap on February 9, 2024, in Las Vegas during Super Bowl LVIII weekend.


DraftKings Teams Up With TUMS To Launch Prop Bites Platform

Click here and learn more about TUMS Prop Bites – a collaboration between DraftKings and TUMS with a $10K prize for Super Bowl snack picks.


Jim Cramer Suggests DraftKings for NFL Playoffs Investment

Explore DraftKings’s growth and financial success in the online sports betting industry as spotlighted by CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Read here!


Which Online Gambling Site is the Best in the US?

Click here to explore top US Casino and Sports Betting operators of 2024 for game selection, betting options, and more!


New York Sports Betting: Holiday Handle vs. Revenue

New York’s 2023 Betting Surge: $465.7M in Holiday Bets, but sportsbooks earn less – a rollercoaster ride for FanDuel and top operators.


Seven Operators Apply For North Carolina Mobile Betting License

Click here to learn more about legal sports betting in NC, meet the seven operators, their partnerships, and join the countdown to excitement!


Legal Challenges for DraftKings in Massachusetts

Find out about DraftKings’ legal issues in MA – from credit card issues to lawsuits. Stay informed about safe and legal gambling in the US.


DraftKings’ New Progressive Parlays – Get Paid For Lost Parlays

DraftKings Progressive Parlays have arrived! Click here to learn about sports betting with a chance to win even if some bets lose.


Cannabis & NBA Podcast “All the Smoke” Partners with DraftKings

The ‘All the Smoke’ podcast by NBA stars Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson has teamed up with DraftKings for 2024. Click here to read more!


The DraftKings Lawsuit in their Home State Massachusetts

Click here to learn about the DraftKings Massachusetts lawsuit and how their local sports betting bonuses are the cause of confusion.


Golden Nugget Biloxi’s New DraftKings Sportsbook

The new Biloxi’s DraftKings Sportsbook features a state-of-the-art LED screen, and streamlined betting with 17 live kiosks at Golden Nugget.


New Festive Promotion ”Holidays On The House” from DraftKings

Unwrap the joy of the Xmas season with DraftKings’ ‘Holidays On The House’ promotion, offering exclusive choices for new casino customers.


Teen Hacker Pleads Guilty in DraftKing Court Case

Explore the saga of Joseph Garrison, a Wisconsin teen who admitted guilt in a NY federal court for the large-scale breach on DraftKings.


DraftKings Teams Up with NBA for 2023-2024

Get ready for Slam Dunk Style in the 2023–2024 NBA Season with DraftKings and the NBA’s ”NBA Collection”. Read here!


Everything We Know About The DraftKings NFT Court Drama

Explore the DraftKings NFT lawsuit by Dufoe explained for beginners. Dive into the debate: Are NFTs collectibles or securities?


Everything On Power Slap 5: Is Power Slap Bigger Than The NFL?

Discover UFC’s Power Slap, the trending slap-fighting sensation of 2023. Dive deep into its origins, growth, betting tips & more.