Super Bowl Full Guide

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The Super Bowl, the pinnacle of U.S. professional American football, has a history as captivating as the game itself. Born in 1966 from the merger between the National Football League’s (NFL)  and its rival, the American Football League (AFL), the event took place as an end-of-season championship game.

The inaugural game 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum set the stage for a legacy that continues to evolve. One of the most iconic moments in Super Bowl history occurred in 1969. In this year the New York Jets secured an unexpected victory against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.

This triumph stands as a defining moment, showcasing the unpredictability and excitement that define the Super Bowl. Let’s see the evolution of the Super Bowl, exploring how it has grown into an iconic event.

Super Bowl Sunday Traditions

Super Bowl Sunday is more than just a date on the calendar – it’s an unofficial American holiday. The entire week preceding the event is a nationwide celebration, with the host city buzzing with excitement.

Homes, bars, and restaurants gear up for this grand spectacle as February unfolds. Traditions make this day special, from the famed Super Bowl parties to the culinary delights and rituals that have become synonymous with the event.

On this Sunday, the culinary scene typically leans towards a buffet-style setting rather than a formal sit-down meal. The spread often features buffalo wings, chili, baby back ribs, an assortment of dipping sauces, pizza, and the favorite – potato chips.

Super Bowl Logistics and Planningbest super bowl ads

Behind the Super Bowl scenes, a complex web of logistics and careful planning ensures the smooth execution of this mega event. From coordinating transportation to managing security and accommodating thousands of fans, discover the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into making the Super Bowl a seamless experience.

Every element essential for orchestrating the event must be transported to the chosen stadium. This includes transporting grass, sports gear, halftime show equipment, and, naturally, provisions like food and beverages. It is these intricate efforts in transportation that truly elevate logistics to the status of the real champion of the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl commercials, often referred to as Super Bowl ads, are prominent television advertisements showcased during the U.S. television broadcast of the National Football League’s (NFL) championship game, the Super Bowl.

The commercials during the Super Bowl are usually fun and interesting to watch. Companies invest significant sums to air ads during the broadcast, making them among the most expensive of the year. A 30-second spot can cost upwards of $5 million! These commercials have become entertainment events themselves, featuring engaging content, comedic skits, and premieres of the best movie trailers for the upcoming year.

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What is Halftime Show?

Halftime shows have long been a cherished tradition in American football, extending across all levels of competition. However, it’s during the Super Bowl that these performances truly take on a special significance. Serving as a vital connection to popular culture, the Super Bowl halftime show plays a crucial role in expanding the television audience and capturing nationwide interest.

Additionally, before the early 1990s, halftime shows predominantly showcased university marching bands, with the Grambling State University Marching Band earning the distinction of participating in the most Super Bowl halftime shows.

Their performances spanned six shows, featuring at least one appearance per decade from the 1960s to the 1990s. The 1990s marked a turning point as the halftime show transitioned to spotlight major musical acts, kicking off with New Kids on the Block at Super Bowl XXV (1991).

The shift aimed to heighten the show’s profile and draw increased viewer attention, culminating in the iconic headlining performance by Michael Jackson at Super Bowl XXVII (1993).

These artists took Halfttime Show stage and shook the world – Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, and other famous singers and rappers.

Super Bowl MVPs, Records, and More

The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award (Super Bowl MVP), is an annual honor for the most valuable player of the Super Bowl. Instituted since the game’s inception in 1967, the award was initially presented by SPORT magazine until 1989, after which the NFL took over.

Initially, the Pete Rozelle Trophy, named after former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle, has been awarded since Super Bowl XXV. Notably, Tom Brady holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVP awards with five.

Specifically, the recipient is determined through a vote. With a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters accounting for 80% of the tally. Additionally, fans have been voting electronically since Super Bowl XXXV in 2001, adding the remaining 20%. The MVP is traditionally awarded to a player from the winning team, with quarterbacks earning the honor 32 times in 57 games.

Interestingly, the MVP prize once included a new car from General Motors, but since Super Bowl 50, no car has been awarded, as Hyundai became the official vehicle partner of the NFL from the 2015 season onward. The latest Super Bowl MVP, as of February 12, 2023, is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Full List of Super Bowl Winners by Year

Super Bowl GameWinning TeamLosing TeamScoreLocation
Super Bowl IGreen Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs35-10Los Angeles, California
Super Bowl IIGreen Bay PackersOakland Raiders33-14Miami, Florida
Super Bowl IIINew York JetsBaltimore Colts16-7Miami, Florida
Super Bowl IVKansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings23-7New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl VBaltimore ColtsDallas Cowboys16-13Miami, Florida
Super Bowl VIDallas CowboysMiami Dolphins24-3New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl VIIMiami DolphinsWashington Redskins14-7Los Angeles, California
Super Bowl VIIIMiami DolphinsMinnesota Vikings24-7Houston, Texas
Super Bowl IXPittsburgh SteelersMinnesota Vikings16-6New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XPittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys21-17Miami, Florida
Super Bowl XIOakland RaidersMinnesota Vikings32-14Pasadena, California
Super Bowl XIIDallas CowboysDenver Broncos27-10New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XIIIPittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys35-31Miami, Florida
Super Bowl XIVPittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Rams31-19Pasadena, California
Super Bowl XVOakland RaidersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XVISan Francisco ’49ersCincinnati Bengals26-21Pontiac, Michigan
Super Bowl XVIIWashington RedskinsMiami Dolphins27-17Pasadena, California
Super Bowl XVIIILos Angeles RaidersWashington Redskins38-9Tampa, Florida
Super Bowl XIXSan Francisco ’49ersMiami Dolphins38-16Stanford, California
Super Bowl XXChicago BearsNew England Patriots46-10New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XXINew York GiantsDenver Broncos39-20Pasadena, California
Super Bowl XXIIWashington RedskinsDenver Broncos42-10San Diego, California
Super Bowl XXIIISan Francisco ’49ersCincinnati Bengals20-16Miami, Florida
Super Bowl XXIVSan Francisco ’49ersDenver Broncos55-10New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XXVNew York GiantsBuffalo Bills20-19Tampa, Florida
Super Bowl XXVIWashington RedskinsBuffalo Bills37-24Minneapolis, Minnesota
Super Bowl XXVIIDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills52-17Pasadena, California
Super Bowl XVIIIDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills30-13Atlanta, Georgia
Super Bowl XXIXSan Francisco ’49ersSan Diego Chargers49-26Miami, Florida
Super Bowl XXXDallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers27-17Tempe, Arizona
Super Bowl XXXIGreen Bay PackersNew England Patriots35-21New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XXXIIDenver BroncosGreen Bay Packers31-24San Diego, California
Super Bowl XXXIIIDenver BroncosAtlanta Falcons34-19Miami, Florida
Super Bowl XXXIVSt. Louis RamsTennessee Titans23-16Atlanta, Georgia
Super Bowl XXXVBaltimore RavensNew York Giants34-7Tampa, Florida
Super Bowl XXXVINew England PatriotsSt Louis Rams20-17New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XXXVIITampa Bay BuccaneersOakland Raiders48-21San Diego, California
Super Bowl XXXVIIINew England PatriotsCarolina Panthers32-29Houston, Texas
Super Bowl XXXIXNew England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles24-21Jacksonville, Florida
Super Bowl XLPittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks21-10Detroit, Michigan
Super Bowl XLIIndianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17Miami Gardens, Florida
Super Bowl XLIINew York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14Glendale, Arizona
Super Bowl XLIIIPittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23Tampa, Florida
Super Bowl XLIVNew Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts31-17Miami Gardens, Florida
Super Bowl XLVGreen Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers31-25Arlington, Texas
Super Bowl XLVINew York GiantsNew England Patriots21-17Indianapolis, Indiana
Super Bowl XLVIIBaltimore RavensSan Francisco ’49ers34-31New Orleans, Louisiana
Super Bowl XLVIIISeattle SeahawksDenver Broncos43-8East Rutherford, New Jersey
Super Bowl XLIXNew England PatriotsSeattle Seahawks28-24Glendale, Arizona
Super Bowl 50 (L)Denver BroncosCarolina Panthers24-10Santa Clara, California
Super Bowl LINew England PatriotsAtlanta Falcons34-28Houston, Texas
Super Bowl LIIPhiladelphia EaglesNew England Patriots41-33Minneapolis, Minnesota
Super Bowl LIIINew England PatriotsLos Angeles Rams13-3Atlanta, Georgia
Super Bowl LIVKansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers31-20Miami, Florida
Super Bowl LVTampa Bay BuccaneersKansas City Chiefs31-9Tampa, Florida
Super Bowl LVILos Angeles RamsCincinnati Bengals23-20Los Angeles, California
Super Bowl LVIIKansas City ChiefsPhiladelphia Eagles38-35Phoenix, Arizona

Super Bowl 2024

Surely, looking ahead to 2024, excitement is building for the awaited event. Set to take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, this marks a historic moment for Las Vegas. Explore what makes this upcoming Super Bowl special, from the venue to the anticipated matchups.

  Attending the Super Bowl
  • Get Your Docs Ready: If you’re from outside the USA, secure a Visa online, typically processed in 3-5 weeks. Some countries, like the UK and Japan, qualify for the eVisa, making the application smoother.
  • Timing Matters for Tickets: Super Bowl tickets can be pricey, especially on the weekend. What is the optimal time to buy? Friday before the game. Face value is around $1000, but prices vary based on factors like seat location and teams.
  • Explore the NFL Experience: Don’t miss the NFL Experience in the host city a week before the game. With affordable tickets, you can enjoy autograph sessions with NFL stars, learn about legends like Tom Brady, and view trophies.
  • Spot Celebrities and TV Personalities: The Super Bowl attracts A-listers. With good seats, you might find yourself near some famous faces. Enjoy the game, and keep an eye out for top artists’ performances.

 Tips and Tricks when Attending the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl draws over 70,000 attendees, transforming host cities overnight. Beyond the games, the spectacle includes concerts, shows, and celebrity sightings. Planning to attend?

Getting a Super Bowl ticket from a primary source is close to impossible for the average fan. Roadtrips’ Super Bowl travel packages include Super Bowl tickets in your preferred seating category, first-class accommodations, on-site hosts, and more.

Significantly, the Super Bowl typically lasts 3-4 hours. This includes the analysis shows before and after the game, and the game itself. The extended halftime period, upwards of 30 minutes, is a testament to the entertainment value the Super Bowl consistently provides.


Super Bowl Ticket Challenges and Solutions in 2024

The demand for Super Bowl tickets is unparalleled, leading to significant challenges for fans. As we know in 2024, Las Vegas is gearing up to host the NFL’s Super Bowl LVIII at the Allegiant Stadium. Here’s a guide on how to snag those coveted tickets:

  • Priority Access: Keep an eye on NFL hospitality partner On Location’s website for potential “priority access” ticket packages.
  • General Public Sale: Tickets will be available through the NFL’s ticket partner, Ticketmaster. You can save time by creating a Ticketmaster account at
  • Raiders’ Allotment: As the host franchise, the Las Vegas Raiders will have around 5% of the stadium’s capacity ( approx. 3,000 seats). Sign up for ticket interest at to stay in the loop.
  • Participating Teams: The two participating teams receive 17.5% of the tickets each. Keep an eye on their announcements for potential public sales or distributions to sponsors and season ticket holders.
  • Secondary Market: Be prepared to explore the secondary resale market. The tickets typically range from several thousand dollars to over $5,000.
  • Contests: Take a shot at winning tickets through online contests by companies like Gillette, Pinty’s, and others.
  • Super Bowl Events: If you can’t secure a seat, explore ancillary events, concerts, and fan experiences that typically accompany the Super Bowl. Stay tuned for announcements from the Las Vegas Super Bowl Committee.

The Super Bowl originated in 1967, born from the merger of the NFL and AFL. The first game was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

The 1969 Super Bowl marked a defining moment when the underdog New York Jets secured an unexpected victory against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.

Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated as an unofficial American holiday, featuring nationwide festivities, parties, and culinary delights, with popular dishes like buffalo wings, chili, and pizza.

Organizing the Super Bowl involves intricate logistics, including transporting sports gear, halftime show equipment, and provisions. It’s a complex process that ensures the seamless execution of the mega event.

Super Bowl commercials, or ads, are prominent television advertisements during the NFL championship game. Known for their entertainment value, companies invest heavily in these ads, with a 30-second spot costing upwards of $5 million.

Halftime shows, a tradition in American football, gain special significance during the Super Bowl, serving as a vital connection to popular culture and expanding the television audience. Major musical acts have headlined these shows since the early 1990s.

Tom Brady holds the record for the most Super Bowl MVP awards, with five to his name.

From Super Bowl I to Super Bowl XLIX, the Super Bowl MVP won a new car from General Motors. However, since Super Bowl 50, no car has been awarded due to Hyundai becoming the official vehicle partner of the NFL.

Tickets are available through NFL hospitality partner On Location, Ticketmaster, the Las Vegas Raiders, and participating teams. Secondary resale markets and contests by companies like Gillette and Pinty’s are also options.

Ancillary events, concerts, and fan experiences are part of the Super Bowl week in the host city. Details for Super Bowl LVIII events in Las Vegas are yet to be announced.

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