Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

pennsylvania sports betting lawsWelcome to safe and legal sports betting in Pennsylvania!

Luckily, Pennsylvania offers live, legal online sports. The state also offers betting opportunities at racetracks, casinos, and in-person locations throughout the state. The online betting market launched officially back in 2019.

Pennsylvania officially offers 13 sports betting apps as of 2023, including big brands like Caesars, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

The state, known as the “Keystone State,” is one of the more northern US states. As it pertains to sports betting, Pennsylvania is similar to surrounding states.

New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and West Virginia all offer online betting as well.

Historically, Pennsylvania has been home to many famous Americans. Fifteenth American President James Buchanan, author Louisa May Alcott, and pioneer Daniel Boone were all born in PA. Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart, NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant, and singer/songwriter Taylor Swift are also all from Pennsylvania.

Online Gamblers have compiled a list of legal and registered sites offering sports betting. For your security, all of them have been licensed by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). Choose a site and register now!

Fanduel sportsbook
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Caesarss sportsbook logo
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BetMGM logo
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Up To $1,500in Bonus Bets
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Unibet Casino logo
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What should I know about the best sports betting apps in Pennsylvania 2024?

The best sportsbook in Pennsylvania for the best / top games is either FanDuel or DraftKings. You could argue this for nearly any state that offers sports betting, as you’re likely going to find these two competitors at the top of the market. Both offer unique features like FlashBet (powered by Simplebet) on FanDuel’s increasingly popular SGPs (same-game parlays)


BetMGM and BetRivers counter by offering the widest variety of overall selections in Pennsylvania.

The apps that offer those super competitive odds are Caesars and Unibet. Pennsylvania is a highly competitive sports betting marketplace, so books have to find ways to constantly one-up each other in an effort to secure more customers. Both Unibet and Caesars clearly pay the most attention to lines and odds, from their release to the game beginning and all throughout live betting offers.

BetRivers stands out from the rest if you’re interested in player rewards programs. Their vaunted iRush program, which allows users to accrue points and climb tiers (in an almost video game-like manner), is incredibly intuitive. You can use those points to make purchases at Rivers’s physical locations in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

When it comes down to Pennsylvania sports, one of the most popular offerings is football – specifically the NFL. BetMGM rolls out the red carpet for promo and bets boost offerings for the Steelers (Pittsburgh) and the Eagles (Philadelphia) that no other sportsbook in the state offers.

A Historical Timeline of Online Sports Betting in Pennsylvania

Late 18th century: Horse racing emerges as a popular form of gambling in Pennsylvania.
2004: Establishment of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and passage of the Gaming Act, legalizing casino gambling.
2006: Opening of Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, marking a significant step in Pennsylvania’s gambling industry.
2010: Expansion of permitted casino games to include poker, roulette, and blackjack.
2017: Legalization of online gambling in Pennsylvania.
2019: Launch of the first online casino in Pennsylvania.
2020: Introduction of legal online sports betting in the state, with major sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers contributing to its popularity.

mobile betting

Best Betting Bonus Offers at PA Sportsbooks in 2024

What’s a Betting Bonus and How Does It Work?

Think of betting bonuses as added perks that enhance your betting experience.

Whether it’s a free bet or cashback, there are usually wagering requirements. This means you might have to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can take out your winnings.

So, always make sure you understand the terms and conditions before accepting any betting bonuses.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of bonuses and how they can make your betting experience even better:

Free Bet

You’re at a Philadelphia Eagles game, and someone hands you a free ticket out of the blue. That’s precisely what a free bet is like in the world of sports betting – an opportunity to make a wager without dipping into your funds. If your bet turns out to be a winner, you get to pocket the winnings minus the value of the free bet. Say you place a $20 free bet at +200 odds; a win nets you $40, making your day a bit brighter.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is like a friendly wave from the Commonwealth statue – it’s how PA sportsbooks welcome new players. Typically, it includes a combination of a free bet and a deposit bonus, giving you extra funds to start betting. Let’s say you deposit $50; the sportsbook might match it 100%, giving you $100 to play with.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus gives you extra funds when you top up your betting account. Already a seasoned bettor? No problem. Deposit on a designated reload day and get a percentage bonus on your deposit amount. For instance, a 50% reload on a $100 deposit gives you $150 in total betting funds. It’s the sportsbook’s way of saying, “Thanks for sticking around!”

cashback sports betting

Wager Bonus

With a wager bonus, you get something back for every bet you place, regardless of whether you win or lose. It’s like finding spare change in your pocket – a small but pleasant surprise.

Express Bet of the Day

The express bet of the day is like the daily special at your favorite restaurant – it’s a tempting offer that boosts your odds for a specific bet, giving you a chance to win bigger.

Combo Boost

For those who like to mix it up, the combo boost adds extra winnings to your combo bets. Place a parlay bet with multiple selections, and if you win, enjoy an additional boost to your payout.

For instance, a 50% reload on a $100 deposit gives you $150 in total betting funds. It’s the sportsbook’s way of saying, “Thanks for sticking around!”


Nobody likes losing, but cashback takes some of the sting away. If your bet doesn’t go as planned, you might get a percentage of your stake back as a bonus to try again.

Bet Insurance

Bet insurance acts as a safety net for your wagers. Insurance can refund your stake if your bet doesn’t win, giving you another chance at success.

Odds Boost

An odds boost enhances the potential returns on your bets, giving you a chance to win more without any extra risk.

Let’s say a sportsbook decides to boost the odds of the Pittsburgh Steelers winning from +150 to +200. If you bet $100 on the boosted odds and the Pittsburgh Steelers win, you’d get $200 instead of $150. It’s like the sportsbook gives you an extra reason to cheer for your team and makes the game even more thrilling for PA-betting fans.

mobile betting in PAParlay Boost

Combine multiple bets into one parlay, and if all your selections win, a parlay boost can significantly increase your payout. By combining multiple bets into a parlay, you can significantly increase your potential payout.

Imagine putting together a parlay with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Philadelphia Phillies. If all three teams win, you not only get the combined winnings but also an extra bonus, just like hitting a lucky streak at the casino. It’s the perfect blend of risk and reward that can turn an ordinary day of betting into an unforgettable one for us Pennsylvanians.

No Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are like a warm welcome to Pennsylvania – you get a bonus just for signing up, with no deposit required.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses match a portion of your deposit with bonus funds, giving you more to bet. Should you make a $100 deposit at a sportsbook with a 100% match rate bonus, they would be given an additional $100 in bonus money.

Terms & Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions is crucial before diving into sports betting. They serve as the rulebook for your betting journey, outlining essential details such as wagering requirements, expiry dates, and any betting restrictions.

Familiarizing yourself with these terms will enable you to maximize the benefits of your bonuses.

Remember, knowledge is key in sports betting.

Now, let’s explore those betting apps and take your wagering to the next level!

pennsylvania flagSports Wagering Tax Rates in PA

Pennsylvania allows various forms of gambling, including lottery, casino gaming, and sports betting, all subject to state and federal taxes.

Here is more information about taxes in Pennsylvania state:

Lottery Winnings: Whether it’s Powerball or state-based lotteries, winnings are taxed at a flat state rate of 3.07%, with federal tax applicable for prizes over $600.

Sports Gambling Taxes: From horse racing to sports betting, winnings exceeding $600 and 300 times the original wager are subject to federal tax, alongside the state tax rate of 3.07%.

Casino Winnings: Slot machines, bingo, keno, and poker winnings are subject to state tax at 3.07%, with federal tax applicable for prizes above certain thresholds.

Deducting Losses: While gambling losses can be deducted from federal tax, Pennsylvania doesn’t allow deductions for state tax purposes.

Facts About Pennsylvania

  • The first retail sportsbook in Pennsylvania opened in November of 2018.
  • Legal online sports betting launched soon thereafter in May of 2019.
  • To legally bet on sports in the state, you must be older than 21.
  • Betting is allowed for college sports, including in-state teams. This is rare, though player props on college athletes (in or out of state) are not allowed.
  • You don’t need to be a Pennsylvania resident to sign up or play, but you must be physically located within state lines to place a wager.

Philadelphia Eagles

Popular Sports Teams in Pennsylvania 2024

Pennsylvania has a long and storied sports history, filled with some of the most diehard fanbases in all of the American sports. Each of the four major American sports leagues has at least a single Pennsylvanian team, but in many cases, rooting interests are split between the two major cities.

For Philadelphia, you have:

  • The Eagles (NFL)
  • The 76ers (NBA)
  • The Phillies (MLB)
  • The Flyers (NHL)

For Pittsburgh, you have:

  • The Steelers (NFL)
  • The Pirates (MLB)
  • The Penguins (NHL)

In the college sports world, top teams include:

  • Penn State University (Nittany Lions)
  • University of Pittsburgh (Panthers)
  • Villanova University (Wildcats)
  • Temple University (Owls)

Betting Opportunities in PA 2024

Types of Bets Available in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania sportsbooks offer a variety of bet types, each with its strategic implications.

PA sports

Moneyline Bets

  • Description: A straightforward bet on who will win the game.
  • Example: Betting on the Pittsburgh Steelers to win against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Point Spread Bets

  • Description: Bets on the margin of victory. The favorite must win by more than the spread, and the underdog must lose by less than the spread or win outright.
  • Example: If the Philadelphia Eagles are -6 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, they must win by more than 6 points.

Totals (Over/Under) Bets

  • Description: Betting on whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a set number.
  • Example: An over/under set at 45.5 points for a Steelers vs. Eagles game, betting whether the total score will exceed this number.

Parlay Bets

  • Description: Combining multiple bets into one for a higher payout but increased risk.
  • Example: A parlay bet that includes the Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Philadelphia 76ers, all to win their games.

Prop Bets

  • Description: Bets on specific events within the game that are not necessarily linked to the outcome.
  • Example: Betting on the number of passing yards a specific player will achieve in a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Futures Bets

  • Description: Wagers on outcomes that will be decided in the future, like season-long achievements.
  • Example: Betting on the Philadelphia Phillies to win the World Series before the baseball season starts.

sports betting on mobileLive Bets

  • Description: Placing bets on events as they happen, with odds changing in real time.
  • Example: Betting on the Philadelphia Union to score the next goal during a live MLS match.

Each type of bet in PA offers a unique way to engage with sports events, adding an exciting dimension to the experience of watching your favorite teams and athletes compete.

Navigating Legal and Safe Online Gambling in PA

Navigating Pennsylvania’s legal landscape requires understanding the legal framework and practicing safe gambling habits.

This guide aims to equip bettors in PA with the knowledge to engage in online betting responsibly and securely.

Identifying Licensed and Regulated Sportsbooks

      • Check Licensing: Make sure the sportsbook has a license from The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board by checking for licensing. Licensed sites display their credentials on their websites.
      • Use Official Websites: Visit The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board website for a list of authorized operators. This step ensures you’re betting with a legal and compliant entity.

Understanding Online Gambling Laws

      • Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to participate in online gambling in PA. The Online Gamblers team recommends that people over 25 participate in legal activities.
      • Location Restrictions: Betting is allowed within state borders. Geolocation technology is used to enforce this rule.
      • In-State College Betting Rules: Betting on college sports is legal, but placing bets on college games in Pennsylvania or involving PA teams is prohibited.

data breachRecognizing the Importance of Data Security

      • Secure Transactions: Licensed sites use encryption technology to protect your financial and personal data.
      • Privacy Policies: Familiarize yourself with the sportsbook’s privacy policy to understand how your data is used and protected.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

      • Set Limits: Utilize tools provided by sportsbooks to set deposit, wager, and time limits on your gambling activities.
      • Know When to Stop: Be aware of the signs of problem gambling and be willing to step back if gambling ceases to be fun.
      • Seek Help if Needed: Utilize resources like the NCPG
      • Understand the games: Know how the games work and what the odds are.
      • Take breaks: Ensure that you balance gambling with other activities.
      • Don’t chase losses: Accept that losses are part of the game, and don’t try to recover them quickly.

Legal and safe online gambling in Pennsylvania offers an exciting and secure way to engage in sports betting.

By choosing licensed operators, understanding the legal nuances, prioritizing data security, and practicing responsible gambling, bettors can enjoy the thrill of the bet while maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience.

Remember, informed gambling is responsible gambling.

Kobe Bryant

Top Athletes from Pennsylvania

There are too many famous athletes from Pennsylvania to list them all, so we’ll keep this list abbreviated for now.

  • Kobe Bryant (NBA Hall of Famer, 5x NBA champion, 2x Finals MVP, 1x NBA MVP, 18x NBA All-Star)
  • Wilt Chamberlain (NBA Hall of Famer, 2x NBA Champion, 4x NBA MVP, 13x All-Star, Most Points (100) in one game and Most Rebounds (55) in one game)
  • Joe Montana (NFL Hall of Famer, 4x Super Bowl champion, 3x Super Bowl MVP, 2x NFL MVP, 8x Pro Bowler)
  • Joe Namath (NFL Hall of Famer, Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, iconic for his prediction that heavy underdog NY Jets would beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III)
  • Arnold Palmer (One of the best golfers of all-time, 62 PGA Tour wins, 4x Masters winner, World Golf Hall of Fame)
  • Mike Piazza (MLB Hall of Famer, 12x All-Star, NL Rookie of the Year, 10x Silver Slugger Award Winner)
  • Smarty Jones (2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner; the horse was from Chester County)
  • Johnny Unitas (NFL Hall of Famer, Super Bowl Champion, 3x NFL Champion, 3x NFL MVP, 10x Pro Bowler)
  • Josh Gibson (Baseball Hall of Famer, 12x All-Star, 2x Negro League World Series champion, 2x Triple Crown, one of the greatest batters of all time)
  • Bill Tilden (the first American tennis player to ever win Wimbledon, one of the most recognized American athletes of the 1920s, along with Babe Ruth, Red Grange, Bobby Jones, and Jack Dempsey)
  • Stan Musial (MLB Hall of Famer, 24x All-Star, 3x World Series champion, 3x NL MVP)
  • Betsy King (34 LPGA Tour Wins, 2x U.S. Women’s Open Winner, 3x Chevron Winner, World Golf Hall of Fame)

university PACollege Betting in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, individuals can legally gamble on college sports without any restrictions on in-state teams.

However, it’s essential to note that player props on college athletes are not permitted under current regulations.

This means that while you can wager on the outcomes of college games involving Pennsylvania-based teams, you cannot place bets specifically on individual player performances within those games.

When it comes to college sports, Pennsylvania boasts several top-tier teams that draw significant attention from both fans and bettors alike.

In football, Penn State and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) are perennial favorites, capturing supporters’ enthusiasm across the state with their storied rivalries and competitive matchups.

The passionate fan bases of these teams often contribute to lively and engaging betting activity, particularly during highly anticipated games and championship seasons.

In basketball, Villanova University and Temple University stand out as prominent contenders, consistently showcasing their skills on the court and attracting widespread interest from fans and bettors alike.

Villanova’s success in men’s basketball, highlighted by multiple NCAA championships, has solidified its reputation as a powerhouse program, while Temple’s competitive spirit and dedicated fan base make it a compelling choice for basketball enthusiasts.

Overall, Pennsylvania’s collegiate sports scene offers a diverse array of betting opportunities, with each team bringing its own unique history, traditions, and passionate supporters to the table.

betting on politicsCan I bet on Politics in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, like in all other U.S. states where sports betting is legalized, sports betting platforms and applications strictly prohibit betting on elections or political events.

This prohibition aligns with regulations set forth by gaming authorities and reflects the industry’s commitment to maintaining integrity and fairness in sports betting activities.

The decision to exclude political events from sports betting is based on several factors, including the potential for undue influence, manipulation, and the inherent unpredictability of political outcomes.

By refraining from offering betting markets on elections or political events, sports betting platforms aim to uphold the integrity of the betting process and prevent any perception of impropriety or bias.

Furthermore, legal and regulatory frameworks governing sports betting prioritize consumer protection and responsible gambling practices.

Allowing betting on elections or political events could introduce additional complexities and risks, potentially exposing bettors to undue financial losses or ethical dilemmas.

Esports in PA 2024

Esports betting is 100% legal in Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, and West Virginia. However, some states offer players regulated access to esports betting.

This activity is regulated in Arkansas, Delaware, New York, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Being regulated means that players can access this type of betting, but specific rules and restrictions apply.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in Pennsylvania 2024

Pennsylvania’s regulated daily fantasy sports (DFS) market has seen steady growth since its launch in May 2018, generating over $5 million in tax revenue within the first 18 months.

With major players like FanDuel and DraftKings leading the industry, smaller sites struggle to compete.

Despite prior ambiguity, DFS enthusiasts could still participate in Pennsylvania. After deliberations, the state officially legalized DFS on October 26, 2017, with Governor Tom Wolf signing the bill into law, making Pennsylvania the 17th state to regulate DFS and the fourth for online gambling.

horse racingBetting on Horses in Pennsylvania 2024

Pennsylvania has many places where people who like horse races can place their bets.

Overall, there are six places in the state where you can race horses, so there is something for every kind of racing fan.

Three of the tracks are used for harness racing, and the other three are used for exciting horse races.

The Pennsylvania Derby and the Cotillion Stakes, both held at Parx Casino and Racing, have become well-known as important races for fillies getting ready for the Breeders’ Cup in November.

Retail Sports Betting in PA

There are 14 legal places to bet on sports in Pennsylvania. Some of these are well-known gambling resorts, like Valley Forge and Rivers Gambling, which offer a full range of entertainment options, such as gaming, dining, and lodging.

The Pittsburgh-based Rivers Casino has a lively gaming floor with a huge selection of slots and table games. There are many places to eat, live entertainment, and beautiful views of the Ohio River for visitors to enjoy.

Valley Forge Casino, on the other hand, has a lot of gaming options, as well as both fancy and casual places to eat, hotel rooms, and event areas.

Pennsylvania also has a long history of horse racing, which is supported by well-known racetracks like Parx Racing and Casino, Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack, and Hollywood Casino, which also lets you bet on races outside of the tracks.

Hollywood Casino has off-track betting (OTB) at two sites in Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania, for horse racing fans who want to bet from home.

People can bet on horse races without actually going to the racetrack with this convenient choice.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have any cruise ships or riverboats that are only used for gambling.

Instead, most of the state’s gaming happens in land-based casinos, racetracks with slots and table games, and off-track betting facilities.

bonus T&Cs

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania 2024

Pennsylvania’s gambling scene offers a diverse array of options, from traditional casinos to online platforms.

With 13 state-licensed casinos, including Parx Casino and Rivers Casino, the state boasts a thriving casino industry.

While there are no tribal casinos, online gambling has flourished with over 16 state-licensed online casinos. Sweepstakes casinos provide a unique opportunity to win real cash prizes through free games, while social casinos offer risk-free versions of traditional casino games.

Esports betting is not explicitly defined in state law, but Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been legal since 2017.

Horse betting remains popular, and the Pennsylvania Lottery has been entertaining players since 1971.

Sports betting, both in-person and online, is also thriving, with various betting options available. Additionally, charitable gambling activities are legal, providing communities with opportunities to raise funds for charitable causes.

Sweepstakes Casinos in PA

For those seeking an alternative avenue in gambling, sweepstakes casinos present an innovative solution.

These platforms offer an intriguing concept by providing users with “sweeps coins,” which can be converted into real money, ensuring compliance with legal regulations while still offering an engaging gaming experience.

This approach allows players to enjoy the thrill of casino games while staying within the confines of the law, offering a unique and creative solution to the traditional gambling landscape.


Responsible Gambling in Pennsylvania

Tips and Support for Responsible Gambling

Gambling, when not practiced responsibly, can lead to significant financial and personal issues.

  • Set limits: Determine how much money you can afford to lose and stick to that limit before starting gambling.
  • Know the odds: Understand the odds and Return to Player (RTP) of the games you’re playing to have realistic expectations.
  • View gambling as entertainment: Remember that gambling is meant for fun and shouldn’t be seen as a way to make money.
  • Take breaks: Periodically take breaks to assess your gambling behavior and prevent becoming too engrossed.
  • Watch for signs of problem gambling: Recognize signs like chasing losses, gambling with borrowed money, or depleting all your funds, and know when to stop.

You can always contact the National Problem Gambling Hotline for support at 1-800-522-4700. The call is anonymous, and the phone hotline is available 24/7/365 toll-free. You can also text the number 1-800-522-4700 or enter the website chat here.

Available self-help resources include:

Want to learn more about online casinos and sports gambling? Follow our Online Gamblers Academy and learn how to have fun responsibly!


Legal online sports betting in Pennsylvania launched in May of 2019, following the opening of the first retail sportsbook in November 2018.

To legally bet on sports in Pennsylvania, you must be at least 21 years old.

The best sports betting apps in Pennsylvania include FanDuel, BetMGM, BetRivers, Caesars, and Unibet, each with unique features.

Yes, betting on college sports, including in-state teams, is allowed in Pennsylvania. However, player props on college athletes are not allowed.

No, you don’t need to be a Pennsylvania resident to sign up or place bets, but you must be physically located within state lines to wager.

Popular Pennsylvania sports teams include the Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, Flyers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.

You can contact the National Problem Gambling Hotline at 1-800-522-4700 for anonymous and toll-free support, available 24/7/365 via phone, text, or website chat.


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