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Nicknamed the “Peace Garden State,” North Dakota is part of the Midwestern region of the United States. The 19th official state to join the Union in the late 1800s, ND is the fourth-least-populated state in America.

Native Americans had previously lived in North Dakota before Spaniards first colonized it as part of Spanish Louisiana in 1762. In 1802, French colonists took over. As part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, North Dakota came under US control. It remained relatively isolated until the late 19th century when railroads connected the Dakota territories with the wider United States.north dakota betting

Many settlers flocked to the state in search of land grants as part of the Homestead Act. Statehood followed in 1889, with the Dakota territories splitting into two states based on geography – North and South Dakota.

Recognized as a fast-growing state, North Dakota consistently ranks highly for quality of living in the US, with its unemployment rate being the lowest in the mainland United States.

Legal Sports Betting in 2024

North Dakota features a unique sports betting landscape. Sports betting has existed in the state since the tail end of 2021 without the presence of any statutes or laws in the North Dakota Century Code.

Laws to legalize North Dakotan sports betting came into effect in December of 2021. The state’s federally recognized tribal nations can offer sports betting on their reservation lands, and several already do so.

It’s not clear if abstaining members of the group plan to offer some form of sports betting in the future, but that decision resides solely with them. Tribes do not have to navigate any legal hurdles first.

Incidentally, 2021 saw North Dakota lawmakers reject a motion to allow a ballot measure to make sports betting officially legal at tribal locations versus just existing as a clause in their compacts. The failure of that motion to pass has practical repercussions for the tribes, who continue to offer on-site sports betting options.

So far, three tribes in North Dakota have opened sportsbooks.

The Dakota Magic Casino, the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, and the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge, along with the Sky Dancer Casino & Resort, offer sportsbooks. The first two options are located in Hankinson, North Dakota; the latter two books are in New Town and Belcourt.

Two other facilities have the same eligibilities to offer sports betting as the ones named above but have elected not to do so. That would be the Prairie Knights Casino in Fort Yates, as well as the Spirit Lake Casino in St. Michael. There’s no timeline for either party as of now.

Sports Betting is only available in person on tribal lands in 2024.

For those hoping to place online wagers, lawmakers rejected a bill to offer online sports betting. There’s not a similar measure expected nor possible in the state until November 2024 at the earliest.

Interesting Facts about North Dakota

vikings ND

  • North Dakota’s state drink is… milk
  • North Dakota is home to the geographical center of the United States.
  • The state’s nicknames are the “Peace Garden State” and the “Roughrider State”
  • Despite having a reputation as being somewhat “out there,” North Dakota actually has the least amount of “forest land” of any state in America.
  • North Dakota produces more honey than any other state.
  • The population of North Dakota is small, with just over 775,000 people.
  • It is prohibited for bars to serve both beer and pretzels at the same time.
  • You can get in trouble for wearing a hat while dancing at any public event.

Popular Sports & Teams in North Dakota 2024

North Dakota is one of five US states with fewer than 1,000,000 total residents. Consequently, there are no major professional sports teams in the state, as the prospects for home games would be sparse (at best). College and high school teams remain popular locally, but North Dakotans must look beyond state lines to find pro teams for their fandom. In many cases, the closest geographic option is in Minnesota.

NFL: The Minnesota Vikings

NBA: The Minnesota Timberwolves

MLB: The Minnesota Twins

NHL: The Minnesota Wild or The Winnipeg Jets

NCAA: North Dakota State and University of North Dakota

Basketball is quite popular on a local level in North Dakota, but the state’s undeniable truth is that hockey reigns supreme. The Fighting Hawks from the University of North Dakota are probably the most popular team in the state, capturing the NCAA D1 hockey championship multiple times, including as recently as 2016.

Famous Athletes 

  • Roger Maris: An iconic MLB player best known for setting the AL/MLB single season-record for home runs (61) in 1961. The record remained unbroken in the MLB until 1998 and remained the AL record until 2022.
  • Phil Jackson: Jackson played 12 seasons in the NBA. He won two NBA championships (1970, 1973) and was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. His accolades as a coach are greater – an 11x NBA champion and the 1996 NBA Coach of the Year. Jackson is generally regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time.Roger Maris
  • Andy Hampsten: Hampsten is an American former professional road bicycle racer who won the 1988 Giro d’Italia and the Alpe d’Huez stage of the 1992 Tour de France.
  • Cliff Purpur: Known as “Fido,” Purpur was the first-ever NHL player from the state of North Dakota. At only 5’5″ and 155 lbs, he had a short and uneventful NHL career but spent six seasons as the head coach fro North Dakota in collegiate hockey.
  • Amy Ruley: A member of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Ruley has the greatest number of victories of any women’s coach at North Dakota State University. She accumulated 671 wins as the HC, leading the Bison to 5 NCAA D2 national championships. She also was a member of the first-ever women’s varsity basketball program at Purdue University, scoring the program’s first-ever points.
  • Carson Wentz: A winner of 2 consecutive NCAA FCS championships as the starting quarterback for North Dakota State, Wentz is the highest-drafted FCS player of all time (#2 overall). A Super Bowl champion, 1x Pro Bowler, and second-team All-Pro, Wentz has thrown for 150 touchdown passes and 22,000+ yards in his career.

Responsible Gambling

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North Dakota legalized sports betting in December 2021.

Legal sports betting is available on tribal lands in North Dakota.

Three tribes in North Dakota offer sports betting: Dakota Magic Casino, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, and 4 Bears Casino and Lodge.

Online sports betting is not currently available in North Dakota, and there are no plans for it until at least November 2024.

North Dakota does not have major professional sports teams, but it has popular college and high school teams.

Famous athletes from North Dakota include Roger Maris, Phil Jackson, Andy Hampsten, Cliff Purpur, Amy Ruley, and Carson Wentz.

Yes, if you need help with gambling-related issues, you can contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-GAMBLER.


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