Sleeper DFS Takes a Step Back in New York


sleeper fantasy sports appIf you’ve followed the buzz around the Sleeper DFS app, you might’ve noticed they’re making headlines.

Sleeper, a Fantasy fan favorite and one of the top daily fantasy sports apps this NFL season, has thrown a curveball to its New York users.

Recently, NY rolled out new regulations, putting a damper on games “mimicking proposition betting.”

Essentially, this targets the popular ‘pick’em’ daily fantasy sports contests.

And the very same day these rules became official, Sleeper announced they wouldn’t be serving New York anymore.

Yep, they added the Big Apple to their “no-play” list!

Continue reading more below to learn all about what’s going on.

But Not All Apps Are Folding Their Cards In New York

While Sleeper decided to play it safe in NY, some apps are still holding their ground.

For example, PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy seem to be keeping their cool. Both of these platforms are still welcoming entries from New York residents and appear pretty optimistic about their york

They’re currently operating under a temporary license. Still, they’re in active talks with the New York Gaming State Commission for something more permanent.

Underdog even gave a shoutout to the gaming commission, expressing their commitment to adhering to the finalized rules.

And before things got official, PrizePicks rallied its users, encouraging them to voice their concerns against the fantasy sports ban. They seem to be on good terms with the NYGC, mentioning regular communication and praising the staff.

The New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) has hinted at potential “enforcement penalties” for those who break the law. But they’ve been tight-lipped about any specific penalties or ongoing investigations.

The Coalition for Fantasy Sports, representing big players like PrizePicks, Sleeper, and Underdog, hasn’t dropped any comments either. It’s a waiting game!

The Nationwide ‘Pick’em’ Debate

But it’s not just New York buzzing around DFS. The pick’em style games are becoming quite the talk of the town across the U.S.

Michigan, for instance, recently echoed New York’s sentiments with a similar ban. North Carolina is thinking along the same lines with its new betting rules. Meanwhile, Florida and Wyoming sent PrizePicks and Underdog some stern cease and desist letters.

fantasy sports app sleeper 2023

But here’s the kicker – these companies are still up and running in all these states, brushing off the changes and warnings.

To give you a clearer picture, Sleeper still has its doors open in numerous states. From Alaska to Wyoming, they’re offering various contests. But there’s a growing list of states where Sleeper has taken a step back, including NY.

They aim to bring the fun of paid-entry contests to as many fans as possible. But laws and rules differ, and sometimes that means waiting on the sidelines for a bit.

The Sleeper saga in New York is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of fantasy sports in the U.S. It’s a mix of excitement, anticipation, and adaptability.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just dipping your toes, stay informed and play responsibly when playing at an online casino in the US.

Remember, it’s all in good fun! And for all your gambling education needs, make sure to follow

Sleeper stopped offering certain contests in New York due to new regulations targeting ‘pick’em’ daily fantasy sports contests.

Sleeper added New York to their “no-play” list the same day regulations against games “mimicking proposition betting” became official.

No, while Sleeper played it safe, apps like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy are still operating in New York.

Both platforms are operating under a temporary license and are in discussions with the New York Gaming State Commission for a permanent one.

The NYSGC has hinted at possible “enforcement penalties” for violations but hasn’t specified any details.

States like Michigan and North Carolina have similar sentiments to New York, with some states like Florida and Wyoming issuing cease and desist orders.

Yes, Sleeper offers contests in various states, including Alaska to Wyoming.

These companies have decided to continue their operations, seemingly unperturbed by rule changes or warning notices.

Sleeper aims to offer the enjoyment of paid-entry contests to fans everywhere, respecting regional laws and regulations.

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