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Līga Tarasova at Hipthers | April 11, 2024

Catie Di Stefano in 5IVE | DECEMBER 6, 2023

”I do see myself in this industry for the rest of my life”

5IVE | Catie Di Stefano | Online Gamblers


Catie Di Stefano in iGamingExpress | OCTOBER 20, 2023

“I think the key trend will be social gambling, especially in the USA”

Catie Di Stefano in PM Talks | OCTOBER 4, 2023

Promoting Responsible Gambling – A Joint Endeavor for Affiliates and Operators


Liga Tarasova has a history of quality assurance and leading teams in an outsourcing company. Currently, she is working remotely as an Editor in Chief for She stands for fair and safe gambling for people in the USA. Not long ago, she lived in Malta, the global iGaming hub, and worked at an iGaming company offering cloud-based product and platform services to B2B partners. Liga’s passion is visual arts and interior design.