RGAA: A New Era of Responsible Online Gambling


The digital gambling landscape is receiving a major upgrade in responsibility and consumer protection with the launch of the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA). Continue reading below to learn more!

The Five Pillars of RGAA

In a celebrated move, six of the largest US gambling affiliates have joined forces to form the RGAA, setting a new standard in online betting. The association consists of industry giants – Better Collective, Catena Media, Gambling.com Group, odds checker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia.rgaa

The RGAA stands firm on five strategic pillars, designed to transform online gambling into a safer and more consumer-friendly environment:

  1. Championing Competitive Markets: Ensuring gamblers have access to a diverse and fair online betting landscape.
  2. Enlightening Through Education: Aiming to bring awareness to the key role of gambling affiliates.
  3. Empowering Consumers: Steering bettors towards licensed and regulated platforms, ensuring their protection.
  4. Upholding Ethical Advertising: Implementing advertising codes of conduct to encourage responsible gambling.
  5. Cultivating Responsible Business: Committing to practices that prioritize the welfare of consumers and the integrity of the industry.

A Unified Voice for Change

Top executives from the founding companies have collectively emphasized their dedication to promoting gambling as a form of entertainment. They underscore the importance of a unified industry approach to uphold the highest standards for the benefit of consumers and their families.

The RGAA is currently in the process of selecting a President who will spearhead the association’s initiatives and embody the spirit of responsible gambling.

With the RGAA’s launch, players can expect a more secure and ethical gambling experience. The association’s comprehensive approach promises to enhance consumer confidence and ensure that the thrill of gambling remains enjoyable and safe.

For more details on the RGAA and how it’s reshaping the online gambling industry, visit www.rgaa.org. Keep an eye out for further announcements, including the appointment of the RGAA President and upcoming consumer-centric initiatives.

The RGAA is an alliance of major US gambling affiliates dedicated to promoting responsible, safe, and ethical online gambling practices.

Founding members include Better Collective, Catena Media, Gambling.com Group, oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia.

RGAA aims to create a safer, consumer-friendly environment through five strategic pillars, including promoting competitive markets and upholding ethical advertising.

They are championing competitive markets, enlightening through education, empowering consumers, upholding ethical advertising, and cultivating responsible business.

Yes, RGAA steers bettors towards licensed and regulated platforms, ensuring their protection and a safe gambling experience.

Ethical advertising ensures that gambling is promoted responsibly, helping to prevent problem gambling and protect consumers.

RGAA advocates for responsible gambling practices and connects bettors with safe and licensed online betting options.

New gamblers will benefit from a more secure and responsible gambling environment, with access to educational resources and ethical gambling platforms.

Gambling affiliates are crucial in guiding bettors to legal, regulated platforms and promoting responsible gambling practices.

The announcement for the RGAA President will be made in the near future, as they are currently in the selection process.

RGAA promotes competitive markets to ensure a diverse selection of modern online gambling services for consumers.

Consumers can expect a commitment to responsible business practices and consumer welfare from all RGAA member companies.

RGAA’s mission is to make online gambling safer by promoting responsible practices and protecting consumer interests.

Catie Di Stefano has worked in the gambling industry since 2011 for major brands like Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Gaming Innovation Group and Betsson Group. She started in customer support at age 19 and has since worked her way through VIP, CRM and Marketing. Today, Catie is passionate about educating players on consumer rights and the best approaches for legal play in the United States as the Director of Community Marketing at OnlineGamblers.com. Catie was born in Indonesia but grew up in Sweden. Currently, she resides in Spain with her two daughters.

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