RG by OG: Responsible Gambling with Bill Pascrell


Today’s spotlight is on our RG by OG interview with William J. Pascrell, III, more commonly known as BP3. A true champion for responsible gambling! With an impressive resume that includes working extensively in the gaming and cannabis sectors, serving as a lobbyist with PPAG–Princeton Public Affairs Group, and having notable involvement in state, federal, and global public affairs, BP3 is a force to be reckoned with.

Continue reading below to learn more about BP3’s work towards a more responsible gambling environment. But before we delve into our enlightening conversation on responsible gambling, let’s understand the importance of the man we are talking about.

Bill Pascrells’s Remarkable Journey

Bill, known for his extensive work in the gaming sector, led a decade-long campaign that culminated in the repeal of PASPA by the United States Supreme Court in 2018, paving the way for sports betting legalization in the US.


Beyond his impressive resume in the gaming sector, BP3 has been instrumental in the drafting of the state’s original medical marijuana legislation and has continued his advocacy for the industry throughout the US.

His advisory roles are expansive and impressive. From serving on the Board of Directors for various reputable organizations to being an esteemed advisor to US Senators and Governors, BP3’s influence is impressive. He consistently ranks among the most powerful political figures in gambling, according to various media outlets.

RG by OG

With the backdrop of September’s Responsible Gambling Awareness Month, Bill and I (Catie Di Stefano) decided to delve deep into this significant topic through a video interview, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

Right from our virtual greetings, it was evident that we are both passionate about RG’s role in ensuring the industry’s sustainability.

If you’ve ever met Bill, you know that he is eager to advocate the moral, ethical, and commercial importance of RG.

“Digital gaming has been with us in America for nearly a decade,” Bill shared. The landscape differs from state to state, but there’s one constant subject in all US states: the urgent need for more focus on RG.

In fact, Bill was actually part of the inauguration of legal digital gambling in 2013 by helping with the iGaming regulation in New Jersey. Check out the TV interview with Bill Pascrell from 2013 below.

New Jersey is Setting the Benchmark

New Jersey isn’t just leading the RG hero; it’s setting new benchmarks for all other US gambling states to follow.

BP3 is particularly impressed with how New Jersey manages to strike the perfect balance between strict regulations and fairness.

Operators are undeniably on the front line when it comes to promoting RG. However, BP3 mentioned the challenges in the state-level self-exclusion measures, noting their limitations.

NJ sports betting

For instance, self-excluding in New Jersey doesn’t prevent one from betting in neighboring states.

As a result, companies like BetMGM are taking more extensive initiatives by sharing their self-exclusion lists across states under the same brand.

But in our opinion, the RG work isn’t just on operators; affiliates and providers play a vital role, too. These verticals, in close contact with consumers, can strengthen the RG message if performed correctly.

Especially affiliates have the opportunity to teach players about being proactive when it comes to RG. Previously, the industry has always looked at Responsible Gambling as a post-issue. But maybe we can limit the amount of affected players if we also start taking preventative measures.

From VIPs to Vulnerabilities

Bill also talked about how casinos used to treat gambling-addicted individuals back in the day.

bill pascrell iii interview 2023

“Years ago, casinos would view these individuals as VIPs,” he said. However, he quickly added that exploiting vulnerabilities is not a sustainable business model in today’s digital world.

“Operators need to prioritize RG, having an RG lead at the board table to balance profit drive with RG concerns,” he stressed.

This isn’t just about ticking boxes for Bill. He firmly believes that every organization’s CEO and upper management must be committed to RG for the gambling industry’s sustainability.

“It’s not just about self-regulation to keep regulators at bay,” Bill mentioned, emphasizing a systematic approach to RG.

A Call to the Young & Enthusiastic

In discussing the next decade, Bill expressed his desire to improve the industry. With younger generations demanding more enriched user experiences, there’s a clear direction toward concepts like live casinos.

“The traditional casino model is evolving,” he said, hinting at the integration of skill-based games and the rise of the metaverse, VR, and AR in reshaping entertainment.

When talking about improving the industry from the inside, our industry is always bursting with career opportunities, and BP3 believes there’s room for fresh talent, especially those eager to advance RG.

His advice is straightforward: dive into this dynamic world. From compliance to marketing, there’s a role for everyone. And it’s not about climbing the corporate ladder but about contributing positively and making genuine impacts.

As we wrapped up our chat, it was clear that BP3 isn’t just a lobbyist. He is a source of inspiration who sincerely desires to shape a better future for the sector.

For all those passionate about RG, there’s no better time to step up and make a difference. And remember, the complete video interview with BP3 is available below for a deeper dive into our conversation!

The focus is on responsible gambling and BP3’s extensive contribution to the gaming industry in the USA.

RG plays a crucial role, with both OG and BP3 emphasizing its importance in creating a safer gambling environment.

New Jersey has pioneered balancing strict regulations and fairness, influencing other US states to follow their RG model.

Bill believes operators should prioritize RG to balance profit drives with RG concerns and ensure the industry’s sustainability.

Affiliates can educate players about being proactive, taking preventative measures, and reinforcing the RG message.

BP3 mentioned that casinos used to view these individuals as VIPs, but exploiting vulnerabilities isn’t sustainable today.

The traditional casino model is moving towards skill-based games, the metaverse, VR, and AR, reshaping entertainment.

BP3 advises diving into the dynamic world of the gaming industry, focusing not just on growth but on making genuine impacts.

BP3 isn’t just a lobbyist; he’s passionate about shaping a better future for the sector and advancing Responsible Gambling.

Catie Di Stefano has worked in the gambling industry since 2011 for major brands like Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Gaming Innovation Group and Betsson Group. She started in customer support at age 19 and has since worked her way through VIP, CRM and Marketing. Today, Catie is passionate about educating players on consumer rights and the best approaches for legal play in the United States as the Director of Community Marketing at OnlineGamblers.com. Catie was born in Indonesia but grew up in Sweden. Currently, she resides in Spain with her two daughters.

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