PGA TOUR Supports Responsible Sports Betting Ads


PGA TOUR flagThe organizer of professional golf tours in the United States and North America, PGA TOUR, has taken a decisive step to join the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising.

PGA TOUR’s latest initiatives in the world of sports betting highlight the conversation around responsible gambling.

Continue reading below to learn more about their efforts in responsible sports betting advertising.

The Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising

  The Six Foundational Principles:
  1. Sports betting should be marketed only to adults of legal betting age
  2. Sports betting advertising should not promote irresponsible or excessive gambling or degrade the consumer experience
  3. Sports betting advertisements should not be misleading
  4. Sports betting advertisements should be in good taste
  5. Publishers should have appropriate internal reviews of sports betting advertising
  6. Publishers should review consumer complaints pertaining to sports betting advertising

In a time where sports betting has intertwined with sporting excitement, the PGA TOUR, alongside major sports leagues and media giants, has embarked on a mission to cultivate a safe and healthy betting environment.

Initiated by the NFL and FOX, the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising was formed in 2023.

The coalition, a tapestry of sports leagues including the MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, WNBA, and NHL, along with NBC Sports and FOX, has committed to consumer protection.

Moreover, the coalition aims to ensure sports betting is marketed judiciously by adhering to their foundational principles.

Furthermore, the PGA TOUR’s dedication to responsible gambling doesn’t end with its coalition membership.

By renewing its alliance with the National Council on Problem Gambling’s (NCPG) Leadership Circle, the TOUR reinforces its commitment to minimizing the social and economic impacts of gambling addiction.

Also, the partnership is a testament to the TOUR’s leadership in advocating for responsible gambling and problem gambling education, a mission echoed by Scott Warfield, PGA TOUR’s Vice President of Gaming, and Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the NCPG.

A March Toward Awareness

In alignment with the NCPG’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month in March, the PGA TOUR is launching a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Moreover, this initiative aims to elevate the conversation around responsible gambling, providing fans and consumers with the resources and education needed to navigate sports betting wisely.

PGA TOUR’s commitment to integrity and responsible gambling remains unwavering.

With a strong integrity program since the Supreme Court’s landmark decision overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, the TOUR is vigilant in monitoring betting activities while preserving the integrity of the game.

Moreover, the PGA TOUR’s initiatives exemplify a people-first approach.

Lastly, through education, collaboration, and responsible advertising, the PGA TOUR seeks to ensure that sports betting enhances the fan experience without compromising the spirit of the game.


The PGA TOUR has joined the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising to promote safe and responsible gambling.

The Coalition was initiated by the NFL and FOX in 2023.

The Coalition includes the NFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, WNBA, and NHL.

By joining the Coalition for Responsible Sports Betting Advertising and renewing its alliance with the NCPG’s Leadership Circle.

The NCPG aims to minimize the social and economic impacts of gambling addiction and promotes responsible gambling education.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month is in March.

Through a strong integrity program that monitors betting activities and preserves the game’s integrity since PASPA’s overturn in 2018.

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