Payment options available for gambling online

Payment methods available on the chosen site are very important. It can be a dealbreaker in case an operator doesn’t offer your favorite method of payment. You can find all available payment service options for you by finding the Deposit/Withdraw page on your chosen gambling site.

Overall in the USA, these are the payment methods accepted at regulated online casinos:

payment methods online casino

  • Credit/ debit/ prepaid cards
  • Online bank transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Play+ prepaid casino cards
  • ACH E-check
  • VIP Preferred e-check
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cash At Casino Cage
  • PayNearMe Cash
  • Check By Mail
  • Cryptocurrency

Credit Cards & Prepaid Cards

Most sites in the US allow funding your account through VISA and Mastercard. Deposits are usually instant. However, withdrawals can take some time, sometimes even up to 5 business days.

Also, pre-paid cards are popular and offered on most sites. Not all operators offer this, but most sites do. This is a convenient way of keeping gambling transactions away from your primary card account.

Online Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer directly accesses your bank account by using an online portal and can easily move the funds into your casino or sportsbook wallet.

After selecting the online bank transfer options, deposit transactions are made within your online banking environment. Usually, operators offer this as one of the payment options, and the deposit is instant and free of charge. You can withdraw using this method.

Wire Transfersvip preffered usa

Wire transfers are less popular as they are slower than bank transfers. And yet, there are some operators that offer, for example, no withdrawal limit when you use wire transfers. Important to mention that banks charge flat fees for incoming and outgoing wire transfers. You can withdraw using this method.

Play+ Cards

PlayPlus cards are prepaid cards linked directly to your player accounts at online gambling sites. You fund Play+ cards through e-check or credit/debit cards.

Some operators offer a signup bonus for registering and depositing into their Play+ account. Important to note that there might be fees for ATM withdrawals and an inactivity fee can be applied if the card hasn’t been used for one year or longer.

ACH e-Check

ACH e-Check means e-check processing in the U.S. These checks work like physical checks, but the checking account and routing numbers are provided online for instant transactions instead of via paper checks.

There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals. Important to know that you must share your checking account number and routing number online at least once when you do your first ACH e-check transfer.

VIP Preferred e-Check

VIP Preferred e-Check is an ACH e-check service. It is specially tailored for land-based and online casino players.

After registering a bank account with VIP Preferred, you can automatically use that bank account for ACH e-check transactions at any land-based or online casino that accepts VIP Preferred. Important to mention that you can see all gambling deposit and withdrawal transactions on your bank statements.

PayPal paypal method

PayPal is very popular in the States as it is widely used for purchases via eBay. Most regulated operators offer this instant deposit and withdrawal method.

Important to mention that you can only withdraw using PayPal if you deposited using this method. Also, sensitive financial information is not shared with online gambling sites when using this method.


Skrill is not as popular as PayPal and yet it is used in the States. You should know that fees are high, but it is an instant deposit and withdrawal method. Also, it is accepted by a limited number of regulated sites.


As of June 2019, Neteller is no longer offering services in the U.S. This change has been updated on most regulated gambling sites in the U.S. that did accept Neteller as a payment method.

Cash At Casino Cage

Cash At Casino Cage allows you to use cash for online gambling payments. This payment method works for both deposits and withdrawals, and the daily limits are high.

If you wish to use this method, you must make the transactions in person at the casino cage in Atlantic City that is linked to your online casino. It is a very convenient payment method for people who have easy access to AC and prefer cash transactions.

There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals. Important to mention that you might need to wait in line at the cage, and you will need to verify your identity and your online player account information before making transactions.

PayNearMe Cashcheque online gambling

PayNearMe Cash is an option to deposit into your player account by making a cash payment at a cash register at any 7-Eleven, CVS, or Family Dollar store.

The funds will be available in your player account within minutes. Important to say that only regulated states accept PayNearMe Cash payments.

Check By Mail

By using this method, casinos will mail you a physical check. This option is for you if you prefer paper transactions instead of electronic transactions or you do not have a bank account.

As a downside, it can take a long processing time, and mail delivery can be unreliable.


Currently, state-licensed US gambling sites don’t offer players the ability to deposit or withdraw in cryptocurrencies.

Credit/debit/prepaid cards, online bank transfers, wire transfers, Play+ cards, ACH e-check, VIP Preferred e-check, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Cash At Casino Cage, PayNearMe Cash, Check By Mail, and Cryptocurrency.

Deposits are usually instant.

They keep gambling transactions separate from primary card accounts.

Both are electronic check processing services, but VIP Preferred is tailored specifically for casino players.

There are no fees from the casino, but the store may charge a processing fee.


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