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Now that you have learned the basics of Responsible Gambling, the difference between a licensed and unlicensed operator, and much more that we covered in the ”Safe Gambling” part – you are finally ready to gamble in the USA.

Understanding the fundamentals of gambling, wagering, and KYC will make sure you don’t get lost in the gambling lingo. And now it’s time we check which games you prefer.

There are two main ways of gambling – playing online casino games and placing bets on sports and other events. It all comes down to what you enjoy as entertainment.

You have to imagine if you would bet on a sports game taking into consideration your knowledge of a particular sports team and overall gut feeling. Or maybe you are more of a person who wants to select the spin value and just trust the luck of the slot machine? And there is nothing wrong in liking both casino and sports gambling!

Sports Betting Vs. Casino Games

The major difference between the two is that when playing Casino there is more timing and luck involved to win. But in Sports, your knowledge of a particular sport or team plays a big role. Of course, there is still luck needed in sports betting. During the game, a player can get injured or the losing team can turn the gameplay around. Still, there is a more controlled chance to get the winnings in sports betting.

Overall, you don’t need any knowledge to play online casino games like slots and scratch cards in the USA. You simply scratch or spin the reels and let fate do the rest. Blackjack, on the other hand, needs some strategy, and a game like Poker takes more effort. You’ll need to know the rules of the game and master technique and strategy before you can win.

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Is it easy to get started?

It’s really easy to get started in both forms of gambling. We covered some first steps in the ”Safe Gambling” section as there should be KYC, and Operator analysis involved, but other than checking for red flags on the site. So there is nothing difficult to join a site and start gambling.

And if you are still unsure, you can always try both! Some operators offer both gambling types on their sites and you can even have a joined wallet for the gameplay.

Let’s gamble:

Casino 101

Sports betting 101

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