New York Budget Proposes Mobile Betting Expansion


NY Sports bettingIn the exciting world of mobile sports betting, New York State emerges as a significant player, with NY Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. revealing astounding figures.

Since the inauguration of mobile sports betting platforms approximately two years ago, the state has channeled over $2 billion into education coffers. The tax revenue has made a meaningful contribution to the NY’s educational system.

This significant number shows how much mobile sports betting is changing New York‘s financial situation.

Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. on Online Casino Tax Revenue in New York

During the NY conference, Catie Di Stefano, our Director of Community Marketing at Onlinegamblers, interviewed New York Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. to discuss the potential tax revenue from online casinos in NY:


New Opportunities of Mobile Sports Betting in New York State

  Joseph P. Addabbo Jr.

Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. has been a New York State Senator since 2008, representing Queens’ 15th Senatorial District. He prioritizes constituent needs and works on legislation benefiting various groups, notably as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming, and Wagering. He has a legal background and community involvement and is dedicated to serving New Yorkers.

As the state gears up for further advancements, Senator Addabbo sheds light on the Senate budget proposal, which is full of progressive initiatives.

Embracing the enthusiasm of iconic sports betting events like the Super Bowl and March Madness, the proposal unveils a visionary approach.

Addabbo’s vision extends beyond solely revenue generation. He aspires to enhance the mobile sports betting experience for New Yorkers.

The proposal introduces new legislation allowing bets on future awards, exciting avid bettors. From predicting MVPs to pre-game coin tosses, the possibilities expand, enriching the betting experience.

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo JrPrioritizing Responsible Gambling

In the midst of all the excitement about new chances, the Senate’s budget plan sticks to being responsible about gambling.

By putting aside 1% of the money, they make at least $6 million yearly for addiction help.

This way, they show they care about dealing with any problems that might come up from more gambling.

Senator Addabbo’s support for being careful about gambling shows he wants to keep New Yorkers safe and sound.

  Charting New Heights

New York is doing great in sports betting. It’s making a lot more money from taxes than any other state, which shows how important sports betting is to the country. Making $188.5 million in taxes shows how successful New York is, and it’s paving the way for even more progress in mobile sports betting.

Protecting College Sports

To keep college sports fair, rules prohibit bets on teams from the same state. Senator Addabbo explained this rule to protect college athletes from bad influences that might mess up games.

Even though they’re still discussing changes to the rules, they’re still committed to keeping college sports honest and fair for all. Follow Online Gamblers and get all the updates on gambling in NYC!

RG Contact Information for Support in NY

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. Besides the New York State HOPEline, additional support can be found through:

The state of New York is committed to ensuring a safe and responsible gambling environment for all players. Through the provision of educational resources, dedicated support services, and stringent legal requirements for gambling operators, the state actively works to prevent and address problem gambling.

Want to learn more about internet casinos and sports gambling? Follow our Online Gamblers Academy!


New York has raised over $2 billion for education through mobile sports betting since its launch about two years ago.

The number reveals the significant financial impact of mobile sports betting on New York, highlighting its role in funding education and reshaping the state’s financial landscape.

Senator Addabbo’s Senate budget proposal includes a range of progressive initiatives aimed at advancing mobile sports betting within the state.

Senator Addabbo’s plan proposes legislation that would allow bets on future awards, expanding the range of betting options available to New Yorkers.

Senator Addabbo prioritizes responsible gambling by allocating a portion of revenue generated from mobile sports betting towards addiction services. This demonstrates a commitment to addressing potential challenges associated with increased gambling activity.

To safeguard college sports integrity, rules are in place to prevent betting on teams from the same state, ensuring fair play and preventing undue influences on sporting events.

Catie Di Stefano interviewed Senator Addabbo during the NY conference, discussing the potential introduction of online casinos in New York.

The interview primarily focused on exploring the potential introduction of online casinos in New York and the implications for the state.

Online Gamblers is a reliable source for staying updated on the latest news and developments in online gambling, including updates on New York’s mobile sports betting and potential introduction of online casinos.

Senator Addabbo is deeply committed to preserving college sports integrity, advocating for fair play and measures to protect athletes from undue influences that could compromise the integrity of sporting events.

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