NCAA Survey Reveals Facts about Young Adult Betting Habits


A recent survey created by the National Collegiate Athletics Association highlighted the growing sports betting trend among young adults. The findings showed many young adults engaging in sports wagering, often ignoring the age and geographic restrictions.

To add, the survey focused on sports betting habits among college students, particularly those living on campuses. It was discovered that:

  • 67% of on-campus students tend to bet more frequently on sports.
  • 41% of students who place sports wagers admitted to betting on their school’s teams, indicating a strong connection between their loyalty and their betting decisions.
  • 35% of respondents acknowledged using a student bookmaker to place their bets.

The survey results also highlighted a significant correlation between sports betting activity and advertising exposure. A staggering 63% of participants recalled seeing betting ads, surpassing other age groups in advertising retention. Of those who remembered the ads, an astonishing 58% admitted that the advertisements influenced their decision to place wagers.

NCAA President Charlie Baker saw the need for this survey shortly after assuming leadership of the organization. He stressed the need for a new baseline understanding of student-athletes’ experiences and the potential impact of legal sports betting on college campuses. While the increased interest in sports due to betting benefits fans, the NCAA, coaches, athletics department staff, and college presidents must grasp the implications of sports betting on student-athletes.

Going forward, the NCAA plans to conduct a comprehensive national survey later in the fall. It will focus on student-athlete attitudes and behaviors toward sports wagering. This study will continue a tradition established in 2003, providing valuable insights every four years.


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