Minnesota’s House Committee Approves Sports Betting Bill


A recent bill, led by Representative Zack Stephenson, seeks to legalize sports wagering in Minnesota.

House File 5274 proposes banning historical horse race wagering machines while legalizing sports betting across the state.

Continue reading below to learn more about the legalization process of sports betting in Minnesota.

Legalization of Sports Betting

Minnesota state sealAs of May 2024, the Minnesota House Ways and Means Committee has given its approval to the proposal, setting the stage for a full House review.

With the legislative session closing on May 20, 2024, the clock is ticking for lawmakers to act.

Rep. Stephenson, who has been at the forefront of this initiative for three sessions, aims to move sports betting from a gray area into a regulated framework.

His plan opens the door to legal sports betting and addresses the state’s approach to compulsive gambling with designated funds for education and treatment programs.

Moreover, the road to legal sports betting in Minnesota has not been without obstacles.

The proposal navigates a complex web of interests, including those of local tribes and racing tracks.

The current legislation offers exclusive sports betting rights to Minnesota’s 11 tribes.

Furthermore, in a bid to find a compromise, the bill proposes $625,000 in annual support for the racing industry.

Economic Impact on Minnesota

Under the proposed bill, the sports betting revenue tax would be 20%, a significant increase that would support state resources.

This tax structure ensures that the benefits of legalized sports betting extend beyond the bettors to the broader community through increased funding for public services.

  What types of sports could be bet on in Minnesota?

The bill also presents guidelines for what types of sports and events can be wagered on.

That includes professional and college sports but excludes youth sports and horse race wagering through sportsbooks.

Minnesota’s professional sports teams have endorsed Rep. Stephenson’s plan, emphasizing the importance of a regulated betting environment.

With legislative deadlines fast approaching and internal divisions within the state government, the bill’s passage is anything but guaranteed.

Sports betting advocates are under pressure to secure bipartisan support for the bill in both legislative chambers.

Minnesota’s Approach to Sports Betting

Minnesota sports bettingFor Minnesota, legal sports betting represents more than just an opportunity to regulate and profit from a popular activity.

It’s about transitioning from an unregulated black market to a protected, legal market.

Moreover, this transition would safeguard bettors and contribute to the state economy.

As Rep. Stephenson aptly noted, the aim is to “transition people from the black market into a legitimate marketplace,” ensuring that sports betting is conducted responsibly and fairly.

The focus remains on creating a balanced framework that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

By creating a regulated environment, the state hopes to stop illegal betting activities while providing a safe and engaging betting experience for sports fans.


House File 5274 is a bill in Minnesota that proposes to legalize sports betting while banning historical horse race wagering machines.

Representative Zack Stephenson is leading the initiative to legalize sports betting in Minnesota.

The bill is set for a full House review in May 2024 before the legislative session closes on May 20, 2024.

The bill includes provisions for designated funds for education and treatment programs to address compulsive gambling.

Minnesota’s 11 tribes will have exclusive sports betting rights under the proposed legislation.

The proposed tax rate on sports betting revenue in Minnesota is 20%.

Legalizing sports betting is expected to increase state resources through taxation and create a regulated market that benefits the community.

The bill faces obstacles from internal divisions within the state government and needs bipartisan support to pass.

The bill proposes $625,000 in annual support to the racing industry as a compromise.

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