Micro Betting Explained

Micro Betting? Pre-game Betting? In-game betting? Sports betting can get complicated, and new buzzwords and betting conditions are constantly rising. Let us at Online Gamblers break it down for you in this article!

microbetting explained

To start with, typically, you can make two types of bets.

Pre-Game betting: you place bets before the event has started. It can be the minutes, days, or months before the betting event.

In-Game betting: you place bets during the event, also known as live betting. It allows viewers to place bets in real-time.

Now there is also a new buzzword in the US. Micro betting. Let’s dive into what this is.

What is Micro Betting?

Is Micro Betting the same as In-Game betting, you might ask?

While both in-game and micro betting is both played during a game in real-time, micro betting is fast betting on specific small outcomes that are not related to the final score or winner. The bet has to be on a small event that will happen quickly, and if you thought in-game betting was fast – micro wagering is a lot faster!

Similar to prop-betting (also called proposition betting), where a questionable scenario is offered to bet on, like “Will Lamar Jackson throw more than 350 yards”, in micro betting, the focus is more on betting on half-innings, or if the better will get a hit. Place your micro bet, and the bet will be settled within seconds of the outcome.

The most significant difference between micro betting and in-game betting is that the micro bet will be settled faster so you can move on to your next micro bet. Your micro bet slips will be settled instantly once the outcome has been confirmed, and there is no need to wait until the end of a game to determine whether you’ve won or lost.

Some sports have endless micro wagering opportunities, like baseball and football, but it’s the constant engagement that makes this betting so fantastic. You can watch a game with your friends to enjoy every betting opportunity, and it will literally become a fast-paced game changer in real time!

Where do I find Micro Betting options in Sportsbook Apps?

micro betting betr

Simplebet is the most popular micro-betting platform for sportsbooks, and they have had some very successful marketing campaigns recently with their new white-label Betr.

If you are ready to place your first micro bet, it’s time to navigate your sportsbook app of choice. It’s different from site to site where to find micro wagering, but these would be typical steps to follow to find the micro betting option:

How to find Micro betting:

  • Log into your online sportsbook account
  • Find the section ‘In-Game’ or ‘Live’
  • Find the sporting event you are interested in and the specific game you want
  • Click into the game to reveal more betting options
  • Look for a section labeled ‘Live Props’ or similar
  • Add the market to your bet slip and enter the wager

Keep in mind that the odds change fast since micro betting is always in real time!

Which sports are best for Micro Betting?

From the technical side, any sport or league with in-game betting could also have micro betting odds. However, it depends on whether your specific sportsbook offers it.

The list of sports odds for micro wagering includes baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, and more. We recommend golf for a slower pace of play, while baseball and football have a more intense tempo for choosing the bets. Baseball has lots of statistics that make it fun to place bets on an inning, at-bat, or a specific pitch, as the bets will be settled quickly during gameplay due to the specifics of this sport. Will the hit be a home run, or maybe a single or double? On some sites, you can enjoy NFL micro wagering, including betting on the Next play result or Field goal make/miss, for example.

Technology plays a significant role here in making the micro betting option possible. The site has to handle data in real-time and provides odds quickly through the platform.


Safe and fun gambling

Microgaming is about betting “here and now,” encouraging players to bet more while thinking less. Online Gamblers value safe and healthy gambling habits, so we encourage you to use your sportsbook operator’s responsible gaming measurements. These measurements include daily, weekly, or monthly loss limits, session gameplay limits, and deposit limits.

If you ever suspect that you or a loved one is experiencing less control over gambling habits, don’t hesitate to call the national helpline (NCPG) at 1-800-522-4700, or check out our Responsible Gambling-page.

Three Differences between In-Game Betting and Micro-Betting

By 2025, American sports betting is expected to generate $9 billion in revenues, whereas $7 billion of that will come only from real-time bets. If you want to learn more about micro-betting and compare different in-game live wagers, check out our educational video below.

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