Jake Paul Fight with Andre August: Dec 15 Orlando Showdown


paul vs august

Jake Paul, the social media influencer turned professional boxer, is set to face his most experienced opponent to date, professional boxer Andre August.

Fans and boxing enthusiasts alike are looking forward to the cruiserweight showdown on December 15, 2023, in Orlando.

Jake Paul’s Journey

Paul’s promotional company revealed the fight against August after initially leaving fans suspense about his return to the ring.

Known for taking on crossover athletes and ex-UFC fighters, Paul‘s decision to step into the ring with August marks a departure from his usual strategy of seeking popular opponents with lower risk.

The 7-1 boxer is fresh off a unanimous decision victory against UFC alum Nate Diaz, showcasing his growing boxing skill.

However, Paul acknowledges the need to face experienced fighters, stating, “I want to build my experience in the ring against seasoned fighters. I’m coming to prove my greatness on Friday, December 15th, live on DAZN for the world to see.”

Paul also owns a betting company called Betr that launched a sports media vertical called Betr Combat.

Meet Andre August

andre august fight paul

Andre August, with a professional record of 10-1 and five knockouts, emerges as the unexpected choice to face Paul.

Riding a five-fight winning streak with one stoppage, August is determined to make a statement against the YouTube sensation.

I don’t talk very much. I’m all about that action,” August declared. “Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team, and the resources, but he doesn’t have my hunger. When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good.”

Despite fan expectations for a match with YouTuber KSI or a rematch with Tommy Fury, Paul’s choice of August adds an element of unpredictability.

KSI, on the other hand, has accepted a sparring challenge from IShowSpeed, setting the stage for a parallel showdown on December 15, potentially diverting attention from Paul’s fight.

  The Battle Beyond the Ring

KSI’s sparring match on the same day as Paul’s fight adds more excitement to their relationship. Both influencers, who lost their unbeaten records to Tommy Fury, often exchange heated comments. Even though the December 15 event won’t directly pit KSI against Paul, it could affect how many people tune in to watch.

KSI’s Sparring Challenge

KSI has not only acknowledged but also embraced IShowSpeed’s invitation for a sparring match. This development unfolds on the very day when Jake Paul is set to face off against Andre August.

The longstanding and highly-publicized feud between KSI and Paul has entered a new chapter, injecting an element of unpredictability into the narrative.


Jake Paul is set to face professional boxer Andre August in a cruiserweight showdown on December 15 in Orlando.

In a surprising move, Paul chose Andre August as his opponent, deviating from his usual strategy of facing popular opponents with lower risk.

Jake Paul holds a professional boxing record of 7-1, with his most recent victory being a unanimous decision against UFC alum Nate Diaz.

Despite his previous opponents being crossover athletes and ex-UFC fighters, Paul acknowledges the need to face experienced fighters like Andre August to build his boxing experience.

The cruiserweight showdown is scheduled for December 15 in Orlando and will be broadcast live on DAZN.

Betr Combat is a sports media vertical launched by Jake Paul’s betting company, Betr.

Andre August is a professional boxer with a record of 10-1 and five knockouts, known for his determination and hunger in the ring.

Despite fan expectations for other matchups, Jake Paul’s choice of Andre August adds an element of unpredictability to the upcoming fight.

KSI has accepted a sparring challenge from IShowSpeed on the same day as Jake Paul’s bout with Andre August, adding intrigue to their ongoing feud.

KSI’s sparring match on the same day could divert attention from Jake Paul’s fight, intensifying their rivalry and potentially affecting viewership.

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