Is sports betting legal in Hawaii?


If you’re looking for ways to place your wager on your favorite team in the Aloha State, you may want to hold your horses—literally and figuratively. Yes, you read that right. As one of only two states in the U.S. (with Utah being the other), Hawaii has absolutely no legal gambling of any kind.

That stunningly beautiful paradise known for its surf, sand, and sunshine doesn’t shine brightly on sports sports betting hawaii

The long and short of it is that sports betting remains illegal in Hawaii. Several bills have been proposed since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) repeal in 2018. However, it has yet to come to fruition.

Hawaii’s Challenging Retail Sports Betting Scenario

Creating a retail sports betting environment in a state with no existing gambling framework would be like trying to surf without a board. Adding sports betting to the lottery, a strategy other states without other forms of gambling have used would be an uphill task in Hawaii as it doesn’t even have a lottery!

The Risk of Offshore Sportsbooks

While websites claim they can accept bets from anywhere in the United States, don’t be fooled! These offshore sportsbooks operate without a license and are notorious for lacking integrity. They could choose not to pay out winning bets or even shut down operations without paying out winnings, leaving you stranded in the middle of a bet.

Sports Culture in Hawaii

Don’t let the betting laws fool you – Hawaii has a robust sports culture. The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors have made a name for themselves in football and men’s basketball, appearing in various tournaments and bowls over the past decade. Unfortunately, even with these popular sports teams, Hawaiians can’t legally place bets on the outcome of their games.

No Daily Fantasy Sports Either

If you’re considering turning to daily fantasy sports as an alternative, think again. Hawaii is one of the few states that explicitly outlaws daily fantasy sports contests. Under Hawaii’s laws, Former state Attorney Doug Chin ruled daily fantasy sports as illegal gambling. As of January 2016, these contests are off-limits.

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

Is Horse Racing Allowed?

If horse racing is your passion, we regret to inform you that it’s also illegal in Hawaii. Even advance deposit wagering sites are not available due to Hawaii’s stringent gambling laws.

Will there be Legal Online Sports Betting in Hawaii?

Hawaii might be on island time when it comes to legalizing sports wagering. A House bill proposed in January 2019 aimed to introduce sports betting and create a Hawaii sports wagering corporation. It didn’t pass, though.

So, is sports betting legal in Hawaii? No, not yet. But the winds of change might be on the horizon.

No, sports betting is currently illegal in Hawaii, making it one of the few states in the U.S. where there is no legal gambling of any kind.

No, Hawaiians cannot legally bet on sports or partake in any form of gambling within the state.

It’s crucial to exercise caution with offshore sportsbooks. They operate without a license, may not pay out winning bets, and could shut down without returning your money.

No, Hawaii lacks a gambling framework entirely, making the introduction of retail sports betting a significant challenge.

Yes, Hawaii boasts a vibrant sports culture, especially with teams like the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. However, locals cannot legally bet on these games.

No, daily fantasy sports contests have been ruled as illegal gambling in Hawaii. As of January 2016, these contests are strictly prohibited.

No, horse racing and related wagering, including advance deposit wagering sites, are illegal due to Hawaii’s stringent gambling regulations.

Yes, there was a House bill introduced in January 2019 that aimed to legalize sports betting and establish a Hawaii sports wagering corporation, but it did not pass.

While there is no legal online sports betting currently in Hawaii, there’s hope for the future as many residents find alternatives in legal online sportsbooks outside of the state.

Hawaii has one of the strictest stances on gambling in the U.S., with no legalized gambling in any form. However, as the national trend shifts towards legalization, Hawaii may reconsider its position in the future.

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