Is Florida Betting Legal This Week With Hard Rock?


Hold on to your bets, Florida sports enthusiasts! The buzz around the town is that sports betting could make its grand return as early as tomorrow in the Sunshine State.

Let’s deep dive into what led to this moment and what this week might have in store for Florida bettors.

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The Seminole Tribe & Hard Rock’s Florida Timeline

  • 2018: U.S. Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision to repeal PASPA.
  • 2021: Governor Ron Desantis’s significant move to regulate betting in Florida.
  • November 2021: Hard Rock Bet goes live online for 34 days before being forced to shut down.
  • September 2023: Hard Rock Bet on the brink of a comeback?

The Return of Hard Rock Bet in Florida

This month, the Florida betting community is abuzz with anticipation. Recent developments in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit have given hope that Hard Rock Bet could make a dynamic return to the Florida online betting scene, potentially even tomorrow or sometime this week.

Mark September 19th on your calendars, as this could be the dawning of a new era for Florida legal betting!

The Florida Betting Battles

While the potential return of Hard Rock Bet is exciting, it’s essential to understand the context.

The legal battles between West Flagler Associates and the Seminole Tribe, which underpin the recent developments, focus on a 2021 compact. This compact has been the centerpiece of the debate on whether the Seminole Tribe should have an almost monopoly over sports betting in Florida.

The lobbying group Florida Education Champions, supported by DraftKings and FanDuel, failed in their attempt to present the question to voters. Similarly, West Flagler Associates’ attempt to sue DeSantis in federal court, claiming his Compact signature was an ultra vires act, was also unsuccessful.

However, most recent updates highlight West Flagler’s move to file a motion to stay the appellate court’s mandate, signaling their intent to potentially take the issue to the Supreme Court.

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What This Week Means for Florida

If Hard Rock Bet goes live online this week, it’ll mark a shift in the state’s sports betting industry. The Seminole Tribe stands on the brink of an incredible opportunity, with projected annual revenues from online sports betting potentially soaring into the billions.

This edge, especially in online sports betting, is a game-changer.

The coming days could redefine Florida’s sports betting landscape. As we await the potential relaunch of Hard Rock Bet, one thing’s for sure: Florida is poised to become a significant player in the U.S. sports betting arena.

So, whether you’re placing a bet or just watching from the sidelines, gear up for an action-packed week in the Sunshine State!

Sports betting in Florida could make its comeback as early as September 19, 2023, or sometime this week, with the potential online relaunch of Hard Rock Bet.

September 19th could mark the dawn of a new era for legal betting in Florida, with the potential return of Hard Rock Bet.

The core of the legal disputes centers around a 2021 compact, debating the Seminole Tribe’s near-monopoly over sports betting in Florida.

Yes, the Florida Education Champions group, backed by DraftKings and FanDuel, tried to bring the issue to voters but was unsuccessful.

Hard Rock Bet was live online for 34 days in November 2021 before a shutdown order.

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made a landmark decision to repeal PASPA, paving the way for state-regulated sports betting.

If Hard Rock Bet goes live, the Seminole Tribe could potentially see their annual revenues from online sports betting soar into the billions.

The return could drastically change the Florida sports betting scene, positioning Florida as a significant player in the U.S. sports betting industry.

As of September 2023, sports betting in Florida is on the rise of potential legalization. There’s a buzz that platforms like Hard Rock Bet might be making a comeback, which could change the betting landscape in the Sunshine state.

While historically there have been restrictions, with the developments in September 2023, it seems that online sports betting platforms, such as Hard Rock Bet, could soon be accessible to Florida residents.

Certain forms of online gambling, like horse racing, are legal in Florida. However, for online sports betting, keep an eye on the latest developments in September 2023, as platforms like Hard Rock Bet might be re-entering the scene.

With the current happenings around potential legalization in September 2023, it seems that Florida residents might soon be able to bet money on sports, especially if platforms like Hard Rock Bet return.

No. Even with potential legalization, using a VPN to access online gambling platforms can be a violation of the platform’s terms of service, leading to account suspension or forfeiture of funds. It’s always best to bet through legal and direct channels.

Until September 2023, legal disputes and challenges related to the compact agreement with the Seminole Tribe have affected the rollout of online sports betting. However, with the potential return of Hard Rock Bet, this could soon change.

As of September 2023, there’s strong anticipation around the potential legalization of online sports betting, particularly with platforms like Hard Rock Bet possibly making a return.

As of September 2023, you would need to monitor the official announcements regarding the legalization status. If platforms like Hard Rock Bet do relaunch, you’d register on their platform. Always make sure to bet legally and responsibly.

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