Is Bet365 legit in the USA, and who is Denise Coates?


The online gambling industry has many successful companies, and Bet365 has always been at the forefront. Denise Coates, the founder of Bet365, has a story that is as inspiring as it is unique.

Having grown up in the gambling industry, she launched Bet365 in the year 2000 from her hometown, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Since then, she has grown the business into a household name that is known worldwide.

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As of 2023, Coates is the UK’s wealthiest woman in tech. She is an inspiration and role model for women in tech sectors all over, thanks to her success and contributions to society. In my opinion, it takes a lot of gut to try something new like she did.

Denise Coates didn’t just build an online gambling empire; she revolutionized the whole gambling industry. In the early days of the internet, her vision made Bet365 a global leader. She did that by using the internet to deliver a new type of betting service, and it was incredible! No one had ever seen anything like this type of gambling experience before.

Today, Bet365’s platform offers various sports betting services, from sports to bet365 casino games. And you’ll be happy to know that in 2023, you can now also find Bet365 in the United States! As you can imagine, they offer safe and legal gambling in New Jersey and Ohio for players over 21+ years old. Continue reading below to learn more!

Where did Bet365 Sportsbook come from?

Denise Coates’s career in the betting industry started long before she founded Bet365. She was introduced to the gambling industry by her father, Peter Coates, who owned a chain of betting shops in the UK called “Provincial Racing.” Talk about really growing up in the gambling industry!

Even though her family already had huge success in the family’s land-based betting business, Coates understood that the future of betting was online.denise coates

At a time when the internet was still new and uncertain for most people, she saw the potential of using the internet to turn the gambling industry into something completely different from traditional betting.

Her forward-thinking approach led her to buy the Bet365 domain name, and this decision would become the foundation of her online gambling empire.

Denise took over the family’s gambling business in 1995 with a degree in economics. But she wasn’t satisfied with just managing the traditional land-based shops. Considering her economics degree, she aimed to do something different with the family business.

She decided to go a step further, and the following is history. In 2001, she launched, offering an extensive array of betting opportunities that hadn’t been seen before. This approach was bold, as it differed significantly from what traditional betting shops offered previously. In 2023, she will be the best-paid female founder compared to many industries.

Where does the money from Bet365 go?

It’s important to acknowledge that Coates’s journey into the online betting industry was more than just making money on the digital revolution. Her goal was also about delivering a betting experience that resonated with a younger generation and tech-savvy customers.

Her innovative leadership and her ability to foresee trends have shaped the industry. As such, Bet365 stands as a testament to her innovations.

However, her influence goes beyond her business success. Known for her many donations and charities, Bet365 and Denise Coates have made significant contributions to the community. Both she and Bet365 have made tremendous contributions to society, cementing their status as role models in the industry.

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As the UK’s highest-paid woman, Denise Coates‘s income is incredibly impressive, with over £260 million ($333 million) in salary and dividends for the year ending in March 2022.

Because she is so well-known, she maintains a very low profile. You will never see her at a conference like ICE London or G2E Las Vegas, as she avoids public events and awards.

However, her influence is undeniable. Her story inspires newcomers to gambling, women in tech, and anyone with an interest in the online gambling world.

If you’re in Ohio or New Jersey and are curious about Bet365, you might wonder, “Is Bet365 legit?” Absolutely! With licenses to operate in several US states, you can safely play at their website while knowing that you have consumer protection. Bet365 is a reliable gambling site that is currently available in NJ and OH.

If you want to learn more about our player reviews of Bet365, check them out below:

Yes, Bet365 is a legally operating online gambling platform with licenses in multiple jurisdictions, including New Jersey and Ohio.

Bet365 is legal in several locations globally, including parts of the USA, such as New Jersey and Ohio.

Yes, Bet365 is legal in certain US states, including New Jersey and Ohio.

No, Bet365 is currently not legal or licensed in Maryland, New York, or California.

Bet365 is legal in various states, including New Jersey and Ohio.

Yes, Bet365 typically offers various bonuses and promotions, including referral bonuses.

Bet365 provides several withdrawal methods for user convenience. Visit their website or contact their customer service for specific instructions.

The length of time for withdrawals can vary based on the method chosen. Please refer to the Bet365 site for specifics.

Yes, you can legally play at Bet365 while located in Ohio.

Yes, you can legally play at Bet365 while located in Ohio.

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