Interview with Steve Williams after Thomas Christopher Joins PFC


The Online Gamblers team had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Williams, the CEO and Founder of Pillow Fight Championship (PFC), to discuss the latest developments and the exciting future of the world’s first professional pillow fighting league.

With the recent addition of Thomas Christopher as Chief Business Development and Licensing Officer, PFC is ready to grow and innovate.

Steve Williams PFC

OG interview with Steve Williams

Online Gamblers: Tell us about the Pillow Fight Championship.

Steve Williams: Fight PFC is the world’s first professional pillow fight league. We also have kids that teach league around the world already being in 6 countries.

We are so unique that you don’t need a big field to set up shop and engage in. The funny thing is that you don’t realize how much time you spend on a pillow in your lifetime. It’s the most time you spend something with.

When you’re not sleeping you can go grab your PFC pillow and have some fun then when you get back you can go to sleep on it and do it all over again!

Online Gamblers: Can you please share your opinion about Thomas joining the Pillow Fight Championship as the Chief Business Development and Licensing Officer?

Steve Williams: Thomas brings a championship pedigree to PFC, having trained with top athletes and champions, including current 8x Boxing world champion Amanda Serrano.

He is a successful 4x Founder who understands that the future blends sport and technology.

His unique professional experience and reputation for being a Visionary speak volumes, and we are confident that he will play a vital role in advancing our global ambitions into different verticals.


Fight PFC Chief Business Development and Licensing Officer Thomas Christopher

Online Gamblers: What specific role or responsibilities will Thomas be taking on?

Thomas Christopher

Steve Williams: Thomas will be our main contact for business development and licensing opportunities overseas, as well as taking an active role in our domestic efforts.

He has an innovative and outside-the-box mentality, which is part of the PFC ethos. Our initiatives will include partnering with outside verticals that embody our core, such as esports and more.

Online Gamblers: How do you see Thomas contributing to the long-term goals of PFC?

Steve Williams: Having known Thomas and his global sports media tech company pioneering Virtualised, Mobile Sports Gaming & Interactive Entertainment, Toppem Sports, for over two years, we have had a successful experience in collaborating while sharing many visionary conversations pertaining to PFC and the future world of sports and entertainment.

He introduced us to our current Title sponsor in Brazil, SCCG and Mr. Stephen Crystal. The belief he has in PFC since day one and transparency from him has been best-in-class. Thomas will be a big part of our team moving forward into the next phases of PFC global expansion.

PFC and RG

Online Gamblers: As you know, Online Gamblers stand for safe and responsible gambling. How does PFC involve responsible gambling practices in the product?

Steve Williams: We are just like any other combat sport, except we are not required to be sanctioned as of now.

When we are legally regulated to be wagered on, our standards will be optimized to their fullest potential, harnessing the latest cutting-edge technology to provide the utmost transparency.

Thomas will lead these efforts.


Online Gamblers: What opportunities do you see for expanding the reach and influence of the Pillow Fight Championship globally?pillow fighting

Steve Williams: I’d like to safely assume that everyone at one point or another during their lifetime has either had a pillow fight or heard of someone engaging in one, we are talking about the oldest recorded sport in the world!

Not to mention, it’s the only sport that has never recorded a single injury. Let that sink in.

Our sport transcends through all cultures and ages. We have the unique ability to potentially have an impact in many different industries outside of sports and entertainment.

From partnerships with leading government institutions in education via health and wellness to a branded PFC hamburger restaurant, as well as recognizing esports as professional sports and entertainment and partnering with such brands, teams, and leagues, the possibilities are endless. It just takes, vision.

pillow fight chempionshipPFC Future

Online Gamblers: Are there any specific goals or milestones you’re aiming to achieve with PFC?

Steve Williams: Absolutely! We will become a wagerable and olympic sport, world-wide domination, and aim to have PFC KIDZ become a healthy connecting hub. This will all get achieved faster than any other sport in the history of mankind.

For example, we started in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are already globally known in 6 countries.

Pickleball, which has RECENTLY gained commercial popularity with celebrity owners owning teams, was started in 1965, and only during the last 5 years has it increased its global playership to 60 countries.

Do you like our trajectory? Are you ready to grab a pillow?

The world needs a pillow fight: Fight PFC.

Online Gamblers: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. The Online Gamblers team greatly appreciates the chance to share insights about Fight PFC with our readers.


The Pillow Fight Championship (PFC) is the world’s first professional pillow fighting league, combining athletic competition with a fun and nostalgic activity.

PFC events are open to various age groups, including a specialized league for kids. The league is active in six countries and is expanding globally.

Thomas Christopher, as Chief Business Development and Licensing Officer, oversees business development and licensing opportunities, both internationally and domestically. He also partners with various verticals, including esports.

PFC, like other combat sports, adheres to responsible gambling practices. When regulated for wagering, PFC will employ cutting-edge technology to ensure transparency and safe gambling practices.

PFC is unique because it requires minimal setup space, is based on a universally recognized activity, and is the only sport with no recorded injuries, making it accessible and safe for all ages.

PFC aims to become a wagerable and Olympic sport, achieve worldwide recognition, and develop PFC KIDZ as a global health and wellness hub. The league is rapidly expanding and gaining popularity.

PFC plans to expand by leveraging partnerships with various industries, including education, health and wellness, and esports. The league’s universal appeal and safety record position it for significant global impact.

Liga Tarasova has a history of quality assurance and leading teams in an outsourcing company. Currently, she is working remotely as an Editor in Chief for She stands for fair and safe gambling for people in the USA. Not long ago, she lived in Malta, the global iGaming hub, and worked at an iGaming company offering cloud-based product and platform services to B2B partners. Liga’s passion is visual arts and interior design.

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