How to Request Free Sweeps Coins by US Post


Are you eager to boost your sweepstakes casino gameplay without dipping into your wallet? Look no further! Sweepstakes Casinos in the USA are required to offer free sweep coins if a player requests.

Sweepstakes coins postHowever, the number of free sweeps coins differs from state to state and brand to brand.

Some casinos allow these requests digitally now, but all are required to accept requests in the old-fashioned way, by postal mail.

Our guide, “How to Request Free Sweeps Coins by US Post,” is your golden ticket to mastering the art of acquiring free Sweeps Coins through the mail.

This step-by-step walkthrough is designed to demystify the process, from penning the perfect notecard to sending off your request with a stamp of hope.

Discover how a simple piece of paper can become your next big win at your favorite sweepstakes casino.

Let’s unlock the door to endless entertainment and potential prizes while keeping it fun and absolutely free. Ready, set, write!

The Sweepstake Model in the USA

Before we jump into how to get free sweeps coins, let’s talk about what Sweepstakes Casinos are and why they are trending in 2024.

Right now, all that is needed to operate a Sweepstake Casino is a legal US business license.


Many large brands across various industries have utilized sweepstakes as a marketing tool to engage customers, boost brand awareness, and increase product sales.

Sweepstakes Casinos are not required to go through the regulatory hassle or audits that gambling operators must go through when licensing in a local state.

Instead, Sweepstakes Casino operates on an old business model active in many different industries across America.

These sweepstakes often take different forms, from simple entry forms to more complex games that encourage repeated engagement.

Here are examples of other big brands that have run sweepstakes and the types of operations they’ve conducted:


sweepstakes coca cola.jpg

  • Coca-Cola has run numerous sweepstakes over the years, often leveraging its widespread distribution network.
  • For example, they have conducted under-the-cap promotions where codes found under bottle caps could be entered online for a chance to win prizes ranging from trips and event tickets to merchandise and cash.


  • Similar to Coca-Cola, Pepsi has launched various sweepstakes campaigns.
  • One notable example is the Pepsi Stuff campaign, where customers could collect points from purchasing Pepsi products and redeem them for merchandise or enter sweepstakes for larger prizes.


  • Nike has run sweepstakes offering winners exclusive access to limited-edition products or experiences.
  • For instance, they’ve offered the chance to win personalized sneakers or trips to major sporting events.


  • Doritos is known for its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, a high-profile sweepstakes and user-generated content competition where participants submitted their own Doritos ads for a chance to have their ad aired during the Super Bowl and win a cash prize.

Monopoly at McDonald’s

disney sportsbook

  • Beyond regular sweepstakes, McDonald’s has famously run the Monopoly game, where customers collect Monopoly pieces attached to packaging for a chance to win prizes ranging from food to large cash awards.
  • This game combines elements of sweepstakes with an engaging collect-to-win mechanism.


  • Disney often runs sweepstakes related to their movies, theme parks, or cruises, offering families the chance to win vacations to Disney resorts, cruises, or special events.
  • These sweepstakes are typically promoted through their websites, social media channels, and partner companies.


  • Target has conducted sweepstakes offering gift cards, shopping sprees, or trips.
  • These promotions are often tied to seasonal shopping periods or the launch of new products or collaborations with designers.


casino nj

  • The automaker has run sweepstakes offering vehicles as the grand prize.
  • These have been used to promote new models or special editions, engaging potential customers by offering them a chance to win a new car.


  • AT&T has used sweepstakes to promote its services, such as giving away tech gadgets, concert tickets, or exclusive experiences to subscribers.

These sweepstakes campaigns serve multiple purposes, including driving sales, collecting consumer data, and enhancing customer engagement.

The exact nature of each operation varies, involving different levels of participation, from simply entering a code online to creating content or collecting game pieces over time.

Finally, let’s dive into how to get free sweeps coins at your favorite Sweepstakes Casino!


General Guidelines for Writing Postal Requests for Free Sweeps Coins

Follow Specific Instructions: Check the sweepstakes casino’s official rules or FAQs before sending a postal request. They usually provide specific instructions regarding the format, information required, and where to send your request. Keep an eye on the request address, as it can change from time to time.Betting and gambling

Include Necessary Personal Information: Typically, you’ll need to provide your full name, address, email associated with your casino account, and sometimes your date of birth to verify your age. Make sure to write clearly to avoid any processing delays.

Statement of Request: Clearly state that you are requesting free Sweeps Coins as part of the sweepstakes casino’s promotion. Include any specific wording required by the casino’s rules.

Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE): Some casinos may require you to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. This is so they can return your Sweeps Coins or a code to redeem them.

Compliance with Limitations: Be aware of any limitations, such as the number of requests you can send within a certain period.

Proofreading: Double-check your request for errors before sending and ensure it complies with the casino’s requirements.

Patience: Processing these requests can take time, so be patient. The casino’s rules should indicate the turnaround time for receiving your Sweeps Coins.

Remember, the exact requirements can vary between sweepstakes casinos, so it’s crucial to consult and follow their specific guidelines.

This approach will help ensure your request is successful and that you can enjoy playing sweepstakes games without making a deposit.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write Postal Request

Step 1: Writing the Notecard

On a blank notecard, use your pen to write the following information:

  • Your full name as it appears on your Sweepstakes Casino account.
  • The email address associated with your Sweeps Casino account.
  • Your residential address exactly as it is listed on your driver’s license.
  • Below your personal information, write the following statement:

  Full example of what to write to get free sweeps coins:

What to write in free sweeps coins letters to Wow Vegas: “I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Wow Vegas. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by Wow Vegas’ Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

“I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by (INSERT YOUR SWEEPS CASINO HERE). By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by (INSERT YOUR SWEEPS CASINO HERE)‘s Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

When writing the postal request, ensure spelling and wording accuracy to avoid processing issues.

Step 2: Preparing the Envelope

  • On the top left corner of your envelope, write your address exactly as you did on the notecard.
  • In the center of the envelope, address it to an address that is specific to US residents. Contact customer support at your Sweepstake Casino to get the correct address for postal requests.
  • On the bottom left of the envelope, clearly write “Sweepstakes Credits” to indicate the nature of your request.
  • Place the stamp in the top right corner of the envelope as required.

Step 3: Finalizing Your Free Sweeps Coins Request

Carefully place the notecard inside the envelope and seal it securely.

Step 4: Sending Your Request

USA Postage Stamps

Lastly, mail your envelope and anticipate the arrival of free Sweeps Coins!

Additional Tips:

  • Keep a template notecard and envelope for reference to streamline the process for future requests.
  • Expect a processing time of 6-8 weeks, although this can vary.
  • Most Sweepstakes Casinos process these requests bi-weekly so that consistent submissions can lead to regular receipt of Sweeps Coins.
  • Every part of the request must be handwritten. This is a strict rule, and failure to comply could lead to your account being banned. This highlights the importance of personal touch and authenticity in your requests and the potential risks of trying to automate or delegate this process.
  • The rules specify that no one else can write the cards for you. This is meant to ensure the integrity of the request process and may also imply that the Sweepstakes Casinos checks the handwriting on each card to some extent. It’s a reminder to take the time to invest in this process to avoid any complications personally.
  • Sweeps Coins must be played at least once, but terms and conditions may vary depending on the sweeps casino. For a conservative approach, consider playing $5 hands of Blackjack following a basic strategy. For higher risk and reward, you might try sweepstake slots.

Now you have everything you need to get free sweeps coins regularly from your favorite Sweepstakes Casino with no deposit.

Also, if you have any more questions, please get in touch with the casino’s customer support for further information.


As many as you want. However, check with your Sweepstakes Casino if they have any limitations to the amount of sweeps coins received.

Sweepstakes Casinos use a legal model allowing players to enjoy casino-style games through sweepstakes mechanics rather than traditional gambling, making them widely legal across the USA.

Yes, using postal requests to obtain free Sweeps Coins is a legal method recognized under US sweepstakes law, allowing players to participate without direct purchases.

Processing times can vary, but expect to wait 6-8 weeks. Casinos typically process these requests bi-weekly.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Doritos, and McDonald’s have utilized sweepstakes for marketing, engaging customers with various prize opportunities.


Catie Di Stefano has worked in the gambling industry since 2011 for major brands like Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Gaming Innovation Group and Betsson Group. She started in customer support at age 19 and has since worked her way through VIP, CRM and Marketing. Today, Catie is passionate about educating players on consumer rights and the best approaches for legal play in the United States as the Director of Community Marketing at Catie was born in Indonesia but grew up in Sweden. Currently, she resides in Spain with her two daughters.

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