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Attention, online gamblers! The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup brings exciting betting opportunities, especially as the experienced champions USA face first-timers Portugal. Fun fact, did you know that team USA has never been eliminated in group play?

You’re in luck if you’re looking for top-notch betting odds and predictions. We have all the important details to help you make educated bets on this fun match in Women’s World Cup!

Here at Online Gamblers, we prioritize safe and legal gambling. That’s why we will only recommend licensed US operators and always provide advice on responsible betting practices specifically for your state.

Nonetheless, we’re excited to guide you in maximizing your fun during the Women’s World Cup 2023 betting experience. Continue reading below to learn more!

Game Overview

The USA vs. Portugal match promises to be an action-filled game. Will the USWNT solidify their position in the World Cup history books with a win, or will Portugal pull off a monumental upset?

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 1, for this important match, which is scheduled to begin at 3 a.m. ET at Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand. You can watch the action live on Fox/Telemundo or live stream it on the Fox Sports app.

Remember that the odds in our article cannot guarantee the game’s actual outcome. The odds set for betting on USA vs. Portugal can only reflect what the betting experts anticipate based on their data. Yet, experts can be wrong, and that’s what is so fun – the unpredictability of sports and betting. Therefore, there’s no guaranteed way to predict a win when gambling!

Continue reading below to learn more about what the betting industry predicts for the USA vs. Portugal.

Recap of Group E in the Women’s World Cup

In the first round of play, the USA went up against Vietnam on July 22nd. The American women won the game by netting three goals and leaving Vietnam scoreless. The US’s Sophia Smith scored two goals, and Lindsay Horan contributed one. The USA dominated the game, having 73% possession and launching eight shots on target, compared to none from Vietnam. They also had six blocked shots and committed 13 fouls, the same as Vietnam. This aggressive play resulted in one yellow card each.

Portugal’s first match was against the Netherlands. It was a close battle, but the Dutch won with a single goal by Stefani Van der Gragt in the 17th minute. The game was evenly balanced, with the Dutch controlling 52% of the possession and Portugal 48%. Portugal did commit more fouls (14 to the Netherlands’ 8), which might suggest some potential issues with discipline or the effectiveness of their defensive strategy. However, both teams were fierce on the field, resulting in 22 total fouls and three yellow cards.

The USA’s next face-off was with the Netherlands, and they tied 1-1. The Dutch Jill Roord scored first in the 17th minute, and the USA’s Lindsay Horan equalized in the 67th minute. Despite a lower possession percentage (41%) compared to the Netherlands (59%), the USA managed to make more shots on target (7 to Netherlands’ 1). The USA committed a significant number of fouls (31), a statistic that might be worth noting for future matches.

To compare, Portugal had a successful second game against Vietnam, finishing 2-0. Portugal’s Telma Encarnacao and Francisca Nazareth each netted a goal in the 7th and 22nd minutes. They controlled the game in Portugal’s second match against Vietnam, with 69% possession and 9 shots on target. They also showed discipline, committing fewer fouls than in their previous game.

USA’s Winning Streak and Betting Outlook

The United States Women’s National Team (USWNT) has long been a favorite in the World Cup, now eyeing an extraordinary three-peat victory. Previously, team USA’s women’s soccer team won the World Cup title in 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019. If they win in 2023, it would be the third time in a row and fifth total.

Team USA kicked off this year’s tournament with a convincing 3-0 win against Vietnam, leading to strong odds of +240 to win the whole competition.

However, these odds slightly increased to +270 following the 1-1 draw with the Netherlands. For example, a +270 odds for the USA means that if you bet $10, you can win $37 in total if the USA wins the tournament.

Notably, the USWNT’s journey to this point has been marked by unprecedented achievements. After their fantastic performance in France’s Women’s World Cup in 2019, they started the tournament as the co-favorites (+350), and the USWNT has consistently maintained the best title odds.

So it’s safe to say they are in the running as a strong challenger for this World Cup.


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Portugal’s Debut and Betting Outlook

Portugal’s participation in this competition is a first. Their odds stand at a daunting +43000 (bet $10 to win a whopping $4,310 total), and they’re viewed as the underdogs in their upcoming face-off against the USA.

However, it’s important to note that underdogs often provide the most surprising upsets. The team’s 1-0 defeat to the Netherlands was disappointing, but their 2-0 win over Vietnam boosted the team morale, and they might come out stronger in their next game.

Match Odds for USA vs. Portugal

The match between the USA and Portugal is already generating a buzz in betting circles. The USWNT requires at least a draw to advance and is priced as the -400 favorites, meaning you’d need to risk $400 to win $100.

Portugal, however, is listed as +1100 underdogs, implying that a $10 bet could win you $1100 if Portugal pulls off an upset.

A draw is priced at +420, and the over/under for total goals scored is set at 2.5.

Remember, these numbers simply represent our predictions and are not guarantees of outcomes.

Expert Forecasts

Given their recent draw with the Netherlands and a robust 3-0 triumph against Vietnam, the USWNT seems determined to extend their undefeated streak.

Portugal, on the other hand, aims to turn the tables. Their performance against Vietnam was remarkable, having 70% ball possession in their debut World Cup game. As World Cup newbies, Portugal could prove to be a tough competitor.

Betting Tips: USA vs. Portugal

Given their track record, the USWNT seems to be the safer bet. However, soccer’s unpredictable nature reminds us that Portugal could come with a surprise.

While a bet on Portugal is a long shot, it could generate substantial returns if they pull off an upset.

For those interested in prop bets, watch for news regarding Alex Morgan (+105) and Sophia Smith (+115) from the USA team as possible anytime goalscorers. For Portugal, keep an eye on young dynamos Telma Encarnacao (+550) and Kika Nazareth (+850), who made their mark in the match against Vietnam.

Remember, betting is meant to add to the fun and thrill of the game. Stay informed, bet wisely, and, most importantly, savor the action on the field!

Game Predictions


Based on previous performances, USA’s offensive strategy, coupled with Portugal’s defensive tactics, gives the USA a slight edge. Given the USA’s past scoring average and shot-on-target accuracy of 68%, and considering Portugal’s goalkeeper saves rate of 40%, the USA can be expected to score around 1.36 goals. On the other hand, Portugal’s goal predictions might not be as optimistic. The USA’s solid defense has a save rate of 100%, hinting Portugal could possibly score no goals.


While the USA has averaged 42% possession over the two games, Portugal has averaged a higher 58.5%. As such, Portugal might control the ball slightly more in the game.

Fouls & Cards

The USA and Portugal have both been quite aggressive in their previous matches. This might translate into several free-kicks and potentially a few yellow cards.
Despite their less dominating possession, the USA has been more offensive in their attacks. This strategy, if continued, could increase their chances of securing a win against Portugal.

Betting Advice

Given these statistics, betting on a USA win seems like a safe choice. However, betting on a draw or even a Portugal win might yield higher returns, given the unpredictability of soccer matches.

Remember, soccer betting involves risk, and while statistics can indicate possible outcomes, they can’t guarantee results. At, we encourage responsible betting. Stay tuned for further analysis and predictions for Women’s World Cup matches, and remember to bet safely and responsibly.

Where to Bet on USA vs. Portugal?

The Women’s World Cup is a massive sporting event attracting bettors to legal US sportsbooks and betting sites. Our top picks are Bet365, FanDuel, and BetMGM, which are known for their security, variety of betting markets, competitive odds, and user-friendly apps.

soccer usa sports bettingWhether you’re located in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or Kansas, you are now ready to bet on USA vs. Portugal.

Given the USA’s historical performance and Portugal’s World Cup debut, it’s relatively clear that Team USA is the betting expert’s favorite. However, sports are unpredictable, so make sure you enjoy the action and bet responsibly.

We’ve provided all the information you need to make an informed bet on USA vs. Portugal, but stay tuned here on for any updates on the match. Remember, the main goal of betting is to have fun.

Best of luck, Team USA and Team Portugal!


The match is scheduled for Tuesday, August 1, and it begins at 3 a.m. ET.

You can watch the match live on Fox/Telemundo or live stream it on the Fox Sports app.

The USA won 3-0 against Vietnam and tied 1-1 with the Netherlands. Portugal lost 1-0 to the Netherlands and won 2-0 against Vietnam.

USA is the favorite with odds at -400, while Portugal is listed as the underdog at +1100. A draw is priced at +420.

USA, being an experienced team, has shown strong performances. Portugal, making their debut, have shown potential despite being underdogs.

For the USA, Alex Morgan and Sophia Smith are potential goalscorers. For Portugal, watch out for Telma Encarnacao and Kika Nazareth.

Based on previous games, Portugal might control the ball slightly more in the game.

Stay informed, make educated decisions, and only bet what you can afford to lose. The main goal is to add fun to the game.

Legal US sportsbooks like Bet365, FanDuel, and BetMGM offer secure and user-friendly platforms to place bets.

The main goal of betting is to have fun and add thrill to the game. It’s important to bet responsibly.

Portugal made their Women’s World Cup debut in 2023.

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