Future Anthem: Game-Changer in Personalizing Player Experience


The gambling industry has seen a massive shift in recent years with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. One such revolutionary technology that has taken the industry by storm is Future Anthem. This platform has disrupted the way we think about personalizing player experiences in the world of online gaming.

Future Anthem Amplifier AI

Future Anthem uses Amplifier AI to analyze and humanize vast amounts of data generated by online gaming. The data is then used to create personalized player experiences. Which afterward cater to the individual needs and preferences of each player.

At the core of the success lies its proprietary technology, Anthemetrics. Anthemetrics is the gambling industry’s first game data science platform that has processed a staggering 75 billion real money casino spins and 111 billion social casino spins. This has been done across more than 250 million player hours with metadata across more than 20,000 games. The platform‘s advanced algorithms analyze this data to identify patterns and trends that can later personalize player experiences.

Future Anthem as Trusted Partner

The personalized player experiences are not only beneficial for the players, but they also provide a competitive edge to gambling operators and studios. By offering tailored gaming experiences, operators can increase player engagement and retention responsibly. And that ultimately leads to increased revenues and profits.

Future Anthem has quickly gained a reputation for being a trusted partner. Betfred, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, Bally’s, and Paddy Power Betfair are all Future Anthem’s partners. These companies have recognized the value of personalizing player experiences and, with the help of Future Anthem, have gained the expertise needed.

Check out our exclusive interview below with Ian Tibot, CPO at Future Anthem:


🎙️🎥 In our latest interview, we dive into how Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI and groundbreaking Anthemetrics technology process billions of casino spins to identify patterns & trends, making gambling more engaging & responsible! 🎉

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