FanDuel Set To Take Over Sports Betting In Washington DC


FanDuel is set to take over in Washington, DC, as the new sports wagering subcontractor for Intralot under the new agreement, replacing the lottery’s GambetDC brand.

fanduel sportsbook promosContinue reading below to learn more about what’s happening and why it’s a game-changer for the Capital.

A New Era with FanDuel

The Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) in Washington, DC, has decided that FanDuel will become the new sports wagering subcontractor of Intralot, Inc.

It marks a significant transition from the previously used GambetDC sportsbook.

This change is expected to kick off in spring 2024.

Also, these news comes amid a series of discussions about improving sports betting in the district.

Kenyan McDuffie, Chair of the DC Council Committee on Business and Economic Development, voiced concerns shared by many:

I’ve heard from many residents about their unease with the district’s woeful performance on sports betting. And I absolutely share those same sentiments, from issues around usability, customer service, and seriously declining revenue. We know the current model simply is not working“.

Moreover, the integration of FanDuel aims to address these issues, promising a seamless betting experience for users aged 18 and above.

Why FanDuel?

FanDuel is stepping in and is now ready to revolutionize the way sports betting operates in Washington, DC.

  Frank Suarez, executive director of OLG noted:

FanDuel’s industry-leading offering will ensure that the District maximizes tax revenue under its existing contracts this year while delivering a best-in-class experience for 18+ residents.

Moreover, with a reputation for leading the US market and providing top-notch services, FanDuel brings its strong sports wagering app, user-friendly website, and efficient retail platforms to the district.

This move is not only about upgrading the user experience but also about ensuring the district maximizes its tax revenue.

It is thanks to an initial $5 million fee from Intralot to the OLG and the assumption of current operating costs.

A Transition Fueled by Demand

The shift to FanDuel is a direct response to the demand for a better betting experience in Washington, DC.

Washington DC sports bettingMoreover, the district’s unique model, with the lottery overseeing online betting through GambetDC, faced criticism for not meeting the expectations of its users.

High odds and a lack of competitive pricing were just the tip of the iceberg.

Also, the partnership with FanDuel could inject much-needed enthusiasm into the market.

FanDuel’s strong national presence and significant market share could recapture the interest of local bettors and attract the city’s 20 million annual visitors.

Furthermore, FanDuel will gradually replace GambetDC kiosks, enhancing the betting experience.

The district is willing to regain its competitive edge in the sports betting market.

Moreover, they want to ensure that residents and visitors have access to a platform that exceeds their expectations.

Finally, this shift shows the district’s dedication to superior, dependable betting services.

FanDuel’s arrival in DC marks a transformative period for sports betting, benefiting everyone.


FanDuel is the new sports wagering subcontractor, replacing GambetDC.

FanDuel’s services are expected to begin in spring 2024.

To address issues like usability, customer service, and declining revenue.

By offering a seamless betting experience and leveraging its market-leading platform.

Enhanced user experience, increased tax revenue, and improved market competitiveness.

It aims to recapture local interest and attract the city’s annual visitors.

Through its user-friendly website, efficient retail platforms, and leading sports wagering app.

Demand for a better betting experience and the need to address the existing model’s failures.

An initial $5 million fee from Intralot and assumption of operating costs.


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