DraftKings’ Micro-Betting Expansion with Simplebet Rumors


Simplebet and DraftKingsDraftKings is rumored to be on the edge of acquiring Simplebet. What is Simplebet, and why this acquisition would be important?

Let’s check the details of this intriguing development that might shake up the industry.

What Are the Rumors About Simplebet?

With its unique micro-betting technology, Simplebet has stood out in the sports betting sector for a while now.

This creative platform lets players stake bets on particular events inside a game. This way, the brand offers a more dynamic and interesting betting experience.

DraftKings wants to improve its same-game parlay offers by using Simplebet’s micro-bet features, which gives consumers even more betting choices and chances to win large.

Reportedly in full swing, DraftKings and Simplebet are negotiating an acquisition price between $120 million and $170 million.

Although this amount is less than Simplebet’s past valuation of $210 million, it shows DraftKings’ goal to increase its footprint in the sports betting scene.


Given Draft Kings’ recent purchase fever meant to strengthen its position in the market, their interest in Simplebet is not surprising.

From Sports IQ Analytics to Jackpocket, DraftKings has been working to vary its products and keep ahead of the competition.

DraftKings wants to meet the rising demand for live betting and micro-markets by including Simplebet’s technologies into its platform, therefore offering consumers a whole betting experience.

Simplebet micro betting offersWhat Does This Mean for Bettors?

For bettors and sports fans, the possible purchase of Simplebet by DraftKings offers interesting options.

Improved micro-betting tools and more same-game parlay choices let gamblers expect a more engaging and profitable betting environment.

The Road Ahead

Simplebet’s acquisition shows yet another significant turning point in DraftKings‘ expansion road since it constantly proves its dominance as a global sports betting powerhouse.

Emphasizing innovation and client satisfaction, DraftKings is prepared to give its customers amazing value.

DraftKings is definitely set to give its gamblers a world-class betting experience with the probable acquisition of Simplebet.

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DraftKings is rumored to be in talks to acquire Simplebet, a leading provider of micro-betting services, for $120 million to $170 million.

Simplebet’s micro-betting technology allows users to place bets on specific events within a game, creating a more dynamic and engaging betting experience.

The acquisition will enhance DraftKings’ same-game parlay offerings, providing users with more betting options and a richer betting experience.

DraftKings aims to meet the growing demand for live betting and micro markets, and integrating Simplebet’s technology aligns with this strategy.

Simplebet has shown impressive growth, with its wagering volume and overall handle doubling since the start of the MLB season.

DraftKings has recently acquired Sports IQ Analytics and Jackpocket, showcasing its strategy to diversify and strengthen its market position.

Bettors can expect more engaging and profitable betting options with enhanced micro-betting tools and expanded same-game parlay choices from DraftKings.

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