Betr Moves Closer to Maryland Launch with Initial License Approval

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Betr Sportsbook Set to Launch Sportsbook in Seven States in 2024

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NJ May Revise College Sports Betting Rules Due to Harassment

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Maryland’s Online Casino Legalization Fails In 2024

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NCAA President Proposes Nationwide Ban On College Prop Bets

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Maryland Online Casino Bill Passes House Before Deadline

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Maryland’s February Sports Betting Surge Reaches $442.5M

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Maryland Doubles Potential Online Casino Licenses

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TOP 5 American Athletes With Irish Descent

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Maryland Joins The Movement To Protect College Athletes

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West Virginia suggests Sharing Data for Responsible Gambling

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Who Are The 4 Teams Left In 2024 NFL Playoffs?

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FanDuel Makes Third $1 Million Donation to UNCF

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Teen Hacker Pleads Guilty in DraftKing Court Case

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Who Are The Recipients Of The NCPG Fall 2023 Agility Grant?

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Fanatics Sportsbook Expands into Maryland with Beta Testing

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New bill stopping university deals with sports betting operators

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FanDuel offers shared wallet for horse betting and sports

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FanDuel’s $1m donation towards Colleges and Universities

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PENN Entertainment expands HBCUs scholarship program

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