Betr Sportsbook Set to Launch Sportsbook in Seven States in 2024


Recenrly, Betr announced that they are preparing to launch its sportsbook platform in seven states in 2024.

This strategic expansion aims to make sports betting more accessible and engaging.

Founded by Joey Levy and celebrity Jake Paul, Betr is ready to provide betting options to sportsbook fans nationwide.

A Vision for Simplicity and Engagement

Joey Levy, CEO of Betr, has consistently emphasized the company’s commitment to simplicity and engagement.Joey Levy betr

Speaking at the Sports Betting, Gaming & Esports: A Deep Dive virtual event, Levy highlighted Betr’s unique approach. “The new sports betting platform will offer a simpler and more intuitive product experience,” he noted.

By addressing common user frustrations, Betr aims to create a more enjoyable betting experience.

Achievements with Betr Picks

Betr Picks, the company’s fantasy sports product, has quickly gained traction since its launch.

Available in 24 states plus D.C., Betr Picks has become a formidable competitor to established names like Underdog and Prize Picks.

Betr Picks is a skill-based fantasy sports product currently available in 24 states plus D.C. We plan on expanding that state footprint ahead of this upcoming NFL season,” Levy stated.

The success of Betr Picks demonstrates Betr’s ability to innovate and capture market share in the competitive fantasy sports landscape.

Using Social Media

Betr’s media strategy sets it apart in the crowded sports betting market. The company generates dozens of original short-form videos daily, which consistently go viral on platforms like TikTok.

We’re generating dozens of original short-form videos daily that consistently go viral, resulting in unfair brand awareness and affinity,” Levy explained.

This approach has allowed Betr to surpass traditional sports media companies in reach and engagement.

betr picks Dynamic Play.jpgBetr Strategic Expansion in 2024

Betr’s expansion plans are methodical and data-driven. Currently, a beta version of the sportsbook is live in Ohio, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

However, the company does not intend to renew its temporary sports wagering license in Massachusetts.

Instead, Betr is focusing on launching the first version of its sportsbook in seven states: Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.

To gain access to these markets, Betr has established several strategic partnerships.

In Kentucky, Betr partnered with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI).

Scott Barber, CEO of EBCI Holdings, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We couldn’t be more excited to expand our KY sports betting market access strategy with Betr.”

In Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Louisiana, Betr has partnered with The Cordish Companies.

Rob Norton, President of Cordish Gaming Group, highlighted the potential of Betr Casino, which is set to launch following regulatory approval.

Betr Casino will make a winning addition to the gaming options available to Pennsylvania players, which includes two of our own successful Live! Casino properties,” Norton said.

  The Role of Jake Paul

Co-founder Jake Paul plays a significant role in Betr’s marketing strategy.

His upcoming boxing match against Mike Tyson is expected to boost Betr’s visibility and engagement.

Every step Jake takes to elevate his cultural relevancy is great for Betr,” Levy said.

The company plans to capitalize on this event to enhance its marketing efforts and create engaging content.

Future Plans for Betr

Looking ahead, Betr is not only focusing on sports betting but also planning to launch an online casino platform, Betr Casino.

This move will diversify Betr’s revenue streams and solidify its position in the gaming industry.

We’ll have a pretty diverse revenue mix across the three gaming verticals over the next few years,” Levy stated.

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Betr plans to launch its sportsbook in seven states ahead of the 2024 NFL season.

The sportsbook will be available in Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Virginia.

Betr Picks is a skill-based fantasy sports product available in 24 states plus D.C., competing with platforms like Underdog and Prize Picks.

Betr creates original short-form videos daily that go viral on platforms like TikTok, enhancing brand awareness and customer engagement.

Betr has partnered with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Kentucky and The Cordish Companies in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Louisiana.

Jake Paul enhances Betr’s visibility and engagement through his celebrity influence, including events like his boxing match against Mike Tyson.

Betr plans to launch an online casino platform, Betr Casino, to diversify its offerings and revenue streams in the gaming industry.

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