BetMGM and NHL Extend Multi-Year Agreement


On December 19, 2023, BetMGM and the NHL announced a multi-year extension of their North American partnership. BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt expressed excitement about this development, saying, “Our partnership extension with the NHL enables us to enhance the BetMGM product and offer fans unforgettable entertainment built around the game they love.”

A New Level of Fan Engagement

The new partnership is not just about placing hockey bets at BetMGM; it’s about enhancing the fan experience. Now, players have exclusive access to VIP hockey experiences and unique fan events.

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The NHL’s VP of Business Development, Jason Jazayeri, emphasized their commitment to creating new, unique fan interactions. These offerings are set to revolutionize how fans connect with the sport they adore.

Additionally, BetMGM and the NHL have ventured into casino games. In fact, you can now play games where your favorite NHL teams come alive in casino slots. BetMGM makes this a reality by launching league and team-branded games, a creative fusion of sports and betting.

The NHL is more thrilling than ever,” says BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt. The company aims to bring “exceptional live experiences and new content” to fans, enhancing the thrill of the game.

We are thrilled about our partnership extension with BetMGM,” adds Jason Jazayeri, NHL Vice President of Business Development.

The joint venture also prioritizes responsible gambling. Both BetMGM and the NHL advocate for the American Gaming Association’s “Have a Game Plan” campaign, which aims to educate bettors on safe gambling practices.

BetMGM also integrates the GameSense program to ensure a safe and responsible betting environment. These features reflect their dedication to customer well-being.

BetMGM’s Growing Market

With a 17% market share and presence in over 20 states, BetMGM’s growth is impressive. Their strategic presence in states with NHL teams like Colorado, New York, and Michigan positions them at the heart of hockey fandom.

The brand’s integration into national broadcasts, including innovative digital dashboards, amplifies their visibility, making them a household name among sports betting enthusiasts.

This partnership marks a significant step in sports betting and fan engagement. With digital advancements, BetMGM and the NHL are due to redefine the US sports betting landscape.

In the future, NHL fans can expect more interactive and immersive experiences as the partnership evolves. We at Online Gamblers can’t wait to see how this partnership evolves over the years!

It’s a multi-year extension announced on December 19, 2023, focusing on enhancing fan experiences with unique betting options and games.

BetMGM’s CEO, Adam Greenblatt, expressed excitement about enhancing BetMGM products and offering unforgettable fan entertainment.

BetMGM now offers VIP hockey experiences, unique fan events, and league and team-branded casino games.

They use digital dashboards and innovative advertising in national broadcasts.

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