Aristocrat’s NFL-Themed Slot Machines


Say hello to Aristocrat Gaming’s first slot machine developed under a groundbreaking agreement with the NFL: “Super Bowl Jackpots.”

This fascinating venture unites the joy of the NFL with the thrill of slot machines – a match-up guaranteed to engage both gaming and football enthusiasts.

So, what makes this deal such a big deal?

For starters, it marks a milestone for Aristocrat, a recognized leader in gaming technologies. For the NFL, it signifies a massive shift in its perspective on legalized gambling.

Continue reading if you want to dive deeper into the dynamics of this game-changing collaboration!

Aristocrat’s Super Bowl Jackpots

Imagine stepping into a casino and experiencing the electrifying atmosphere of an NFL stadium. That’s exactly what Aristocrat’s Super Bowl Jackpots offers.

With its striking three-machine configuration, each crowned by an NFL logo set against a packed stadium backdrop, the slot brings the spirit of the NFL right to your fingertips.

“Super Bowl Jackpots is a game about energy,” declares Jon Hanlin, Aristocrat’s senior vice president of commercial strategy for the Americas, Europe, Mideast, and Africa. And it sure does deliver!

The machine’s giant curved screen challenges players to “pick your team,” bringing the NFL experience alive with Blue LED strips that deliver celebratory messages during gameplay.

This pioneering machine leads a series of NFL-themed games with varying play options. It also marks the debut of Aristocrat’s King Max cabinet. This specially designed cabinet, equipped with LEDs and a 63.5-inch curved monitor, makes every win or touchdown an unforgettable spectacle with “a next level of entertainment.”

More Than Just a Slot Machine

The partnership between Aristocrat and the NFL isn’t just about slot machines; it’s about creating an authentic NFL experience.

Besides delivering an “action-oriented” gameplay structured around football elements like scoring touchdowns and kicking field goals, these slot games include audio of fan-favorite stadium anthems and highlight videos from actual games.

Future titles in the pipeline like “Overtime Cash,” “Super Bowl Link,” “NFL Kickoff,” “Winning Drive,” and “Rings of Victory” promise an even more varied and immersive NFL experience. All games seem to be designed to speak to NFL fans who choose to play slot machines and, hopefully, some who don’t currently play.

Why Aristocrat and NFL are the Perfect Match-up

Aristocrat’s alliance with the NFL clearly reflects the changing landscape of the gambling industry. Once opposed to legalized sports betting, the NFL has made significant strides towards embracing this new reality, partnering with Aristocrat and the American Gaming Association on responsible gambling initiatives.

As a result, the NFL’s highly sought-after license will now grace casino slot machines nationwide, thanks to Aristocrat.

This partnership also resonates with Aristocrat’s objective to diversify its player demographic. Traditionally appealing to older women, Aristocrat now aims to attract younger men with their NFL-themed slot machines.

What this Deal Means for You

As an enthusiastic football fan or a slot gaming player, this pioneering partnership brings many exciting opportunities. Players can choose their favorite team, immersing themselves in customized gaming experiences with relevant imagery, key game moments, and stadium anthems.

So, are you ready to play and maybe score a $1 million payout? Join us in this fun journey and feel the energy of the NFL in every spin!

Aristocrat’s first NFL-themed slot machine is called “Super Bowl Jackpots”.

The “Super Bowl Jackpots” slot machine allows players to choose their favorite team and spin for field goals or touchdowns for a potential $1 million payout.

Aristocrat plans to start installing the “Super Bowl Jackpots” machine in time for this year’s NFL season.

The King Max cabinet is a new innovation from Aristocrat which features a 63.5-inch curved monitor with ultrahigh definition display and a new design for the virtual button deck.

Aristocrat is designing its portfolio of NFL games to cater to a wide range of player types, with different game mechanics, volatilities, and styles.

The NFL partnered with Aristocrat to bring the League closer to fans in new ways and to tap into the growing stream of revenue generated by legal sports betting.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, casinos began drawing a younger crowd, with young men in particular visiting casino sportsbooks more often.

The NFL has made a public commitment to responsible gaming and integrity and has implemented strict rules for its players and personnel. It’s also partnered with Aristocrat to develop responsible gaming initiatives.

Aristocrat plans to release other NFL-themed games like Overtime Cash, Super Bowl Link, NFL Kickoff, Winning Drive, and Rings of Victory.

Catie Di Stefano has worked in the gambling industry since 2011 for major brands like Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Gaming Innovation Group and Betsson Group. She started in customer support at age 19 and has since worked her way through VIP, CRM and Marketing. Today, Catie is passionate about educating players on consumer rights and the best approaches for legal play in the United States as the Director of Community Marketing at Catie was born in Indonesia but grew up in Sweden. Currently, she resides in Spain with her two daughters.

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