$40K Encore Boston Harbor Betting Fine by MGC


Recent news has stirred up the Massachusetts gambling community. Encore Boston Harbor, run by Wynn Resorts, has found itself on the wrong side of compliance by getting a $40,000 fine from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC).

Encore Boston

The hefty Encore Boston Harbor betting fine was slapped on the prestigious gaming establishment for accepting wagers on collegiate sports events.

Encore Steps Out of Line with In-State College Bets

The problem revolves around Encore Boston Harbor’s sportsbook’s misstep in accepting bets on two separate Boston College women’s basketball games.

The law in Massachusetts is clear: betting on in-state colleges and universities not competing in a tournament is a big no-no.

Yet, in February, Encore decided to test these waters, not once but twice, leading to an investigation by the MGC.


Massachusetts Law firmly prohibits betting on in-state colleges outside tournament play.

Realizing their mistake, Encore Boston Harbor quickly contacted the MGC on February 21, 2023. They admitted to accepting bets on two unauthorized events. This honest move triggered an investigation that ended on March 8, 2023. It all led to a hearing on April 14, 2023.

While commendable for their transparency, these actions could not save Encore from the repercussions of their actions.

The bets were on games between Boston College and both the University of North Carolina and the University of Louisville.

Across both games, there were seven bets totaling $213. Despite the small amount, the incidents were taken seriously. However, the implications of these bets were significant enough to warrant serious action from the MGC.

Repeated Offenses and Ensuing Actions

It’s worth noting that this wasn’t Encore’s first rodeo with non-compliance regarding in-state college game bets.

A prior incident on February 2, 2023, involving a bet on a game between Boston College and Notre Dame, had already put Encore on thin ice. That incident with the Wynn Resorts-owned brand resulted in a $10,000 fine.

Following these events, Encore has implemented rigorous twice-daily audits to ensure that no in-state college games slip through the cracks again.

The MGC’s decision to Encore Boston Harbor comes from a serious violation of statute and the Massachusetts Sports Wagering Catalogue. The commission’s stern reprimand highlights the expected level of vigilance and control over vendors.

  How Does Encore's Fine Impact Massachusetts Gaming?

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s (MGC) $40,000 fine on Encore Boston Harbor marks a significant moment for the state’s gaming sector. Highlighting the critical nature of compliance, this penalty addresses a singular breach and signals a broader commitment to uphold the gaming industry’s integrity.

It’s a crucial reminder for all operators to strictly follow state regulations, particularly in sports betting, fostering a culture of transparency and responsibility that ensures healthy and compliant growth.

The oversight by Encore, especially following a previous incident, underscores the importance of stringent internal controls and communication to prevent similar violations.

In response to the MGC’s actions, Encore Boston Harbor has shown a commitment to rectifying its processes.

The introduction of twice-daily audits is a step in the right direction, ensuring that all offerings are as per Massachusetts regulations.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale for gaming establishments across the state and beyond. The importance of adherence to gaming laws and regulations cannot be overstated.

With the MGC demonstrating its readiness to enforce these rules to ensure a fair and compliant gaming environment for all.

Encore was fined for accepting bets on two Boston College women’s basketball games, violating Massachusetts law against betting on in-state colleges not in a tournament.

The law aims to protect the integrity of college sports and prevent potential conflicts of interest and betting pressures on student-athletes.

Encore self-reported the unauthorized bets to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) on February 21, 2023, indicating a commitment to transparency.

Bets were placed on games between Boston College and the University of North Carolina and Boston College versus the University of Louisville, totaling $213 in handle.

Yes, Encore was previously fined $10,000 for accepting a bet on a game between Boston College and Notre Dame on February 2, 2023.

Encore has implemented twice-daily audits to ensure no in-state college games are offered for betting, enhancing their compliance framework.

The MGC’s firm stance on compliance serves as a warning to all gaming operators in Massachusetts about the importance of adhering to betting laws and regulations.

Yes, betting on college games is allowed, but not on games involving in-state colleges unless they’re competing in a tournament.

A total of $213 was wagered across both incidents, with modest winnings reported, highlighting the serious implications despite the small sums.

The MGC conducts investigations, imposes fines for violations, and mandates corrective actions, like Encore’s twice-daily audits, to uphold the integrity of gaming in Massachusetts.

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